Y1 Woodland Spirits

We learned about how lots of myths and legends talk about woodland spirits, and read a beautiful poem about the Green Man. The children then really enjoyed creating their own woodland spirits using natural materials in the wildlife garden.

Art – Y1

Today, the children have taken inspiration from the greats, Roy Litchenstein, who created Pop Art. The children started their own art work piece today using bubble wrap to create Ben Day dots which Litchenstein used in his own work.

Y1 – Maths – capacity!

Today, the children enjoyed a hands on learning experience of capacity. They used different containers to estimate the capacity of each, using water. Some children guessed accurately, and even noticed that wider containers can have a larger capacity than taller ones!

British Science week

This week Year Two have had a great time exploring the theme of growth as part of British Science week. We have been preparing our planters, learning how to plant seeds and creating our own worm farms in order to make own compost! We are all excited to see how things grow!

Spring 2 week 4. The Crunchy Munchin caterpillar.

This week we have continued to think about spring and the insects that are starting to come out of their winter hibernation. We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The crunchy munchin caterpillar and What the lady bird heard. We also read a book about snail and learn some new snail facts! Making clay […]