Sports day and The Queens Jubilee

We had a busy day, learning about the Queen, designing her knickers and making trifle. We loved our picnic lunch outside and manage to dodge the rain for our very own mini sports ‘day’ .

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 6 – A Squash and a Squeeze

We’ve enjoyed reading the story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson. We’ve acted out the story and made animal masks. We also made houses out of duplo and cardboard boxes. We had lots of fun outside, with cars and tubes.

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 5 – vegetables

This week we have been thinking about gardening and growing vegetables. We read Oliver’s Vegetables and have enjoyed planting peas, sunflowers, tomatoes. We’ve also been printing with carrots and painting bees.

Y1 – Maths – fractions!

Today in Maths the children used salt dough to find one half of a whole! They were able to recognise that halves must be equal amounts, and some children even managed to find quarters!

Y1 – RE

Today in our RE lesson the children listened to the story, ’Whoever you are’ by Mem Fox. We discussed what the message behind the story was and then used this learning to help us sort some key words into a venn diagram to see if they are experienced by all people or are different.

Y1 Outdoor Learning, Using our Senses

We were explorers this afternoon, using all of our senses to complete a treasure hunt during our outdoor learning. When thinking about taste, we found the elderflower tree and learned that we can use the flowers to make cordial. We found smooth, rough, cold, hard and soft things to feel; flowers and trees to smell […]