Art and Design

Y1 – Art / RE

The children listened to the Christian parable of The Lost Sheep and thought about the moral of the story. They then made their own paper plate sheep using card and cotton wool !

Art – Y1

Today, the children have taken inspiration from the greats, Roy Litchenstein, who created Pop Art. The children started their own art work piece today using bubble wrap to create Ben Day dots which Litchenstein used in his own work.

Y4 Oakes Residential Day Three

Day Two ended with campfire, with a sing-a-long and hot chocolate. Day Three began with FOUR birthday celebrations, then continued with several games and activities. As I write, children are on their final game, before they have some free time to finish off an amazing three days. Our thanks go to all the staff at […]

Y4 Rousseau’s Rainforest Dioramas

As part of our Amazonian Adventure Learning Journey, we studied the art of Henri Rousseau, and discovered lots about how he painted rainforest scenes in a ‘naive’ way, without ever having left France to see a rainforest for real. We used some of his ideas to create our own shoebox ‘dioramas’, with each layer representing […]