Y1 – Signs of spring

During our outdoor learning today, we looked for signs of Spring. We spotted crocuses, daffodil shoots and some snowdrops! Shame the weather was so wet! We then sketched some of these early signs of Spring – don’t they look great!

Y4 Rousseau’s Rainforest Dioramas

As part of our Amazonian Adventure Learning Journey, we studied the art of Henri Rousseau, and discovered lots about how he painted rainforest scenes in a ‘naive’ way, without ever having left France to see a rainforest for real. We used some of his ideas to create our own shoebox ‘dioramas’, with each layer representing […]

Y4 Amazonian Adventure Outdoor Learning

To support our learning about South America, the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River, we made links between the flora we find in Britain and that of the rainforest. Over several weeks we looked at tree types, compared leaf sizes, and made 3D images showing the layers of the rainforest. We also acted out some Amazonian […]