Y4 Arches

To link in with our learning about Roman technology and architecture, we created our own arches out of straight pieces of wood. To do this we had to carefully create a trapezium template (nicely linking with our recent maths work on 2D shapes). We used the template to mark out our wood, then used workbenches […]

Y1 Water Relay

We worked on our team building skills this afternoon, whilst cooling off at the same time! The children had to transfer water from one receptacle to another, without spilling too much on the way. They did a great job supporting each other, and utilised their measuring skills to judge the winners of each race.

Y1 – Maths – fractions!

Today in Maths the children used salt dough to find one half of a whole! They were able to recognise that halves must be equal amounts, and some children even managed to find quarters!

Y1 Multiplication Carousel

The children were very resourceful during their maths lesson today. They completed a carousel of activities focussing on multiplication (groups of and repeated addition); division (sharing into equal groups) and doubling.

Y1 Maths

The children have been learning to multiply by 10. We used pieces of Numicon to support our understanding of how many groups we were multiplying by.

Y1 Maths – x 2!

Today, the children have been learning how to multiply by two! We looked at the symbol ‘X’ and different ways we say this and what this means. The children used numicon ‘2’ pieces to show their working out.