Design and Technology

Food Technology: Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking is a key element of our curriculum. It is becoming increasingly important that children know the value of a healthy diet, and how to prepare fresh, healthy meals for themselves.  Each year group provides children with several food-related activities in , with the emphasis on children trying new foods and flavours where possible.

Textiles and Product Design

Design and Technology is taught through our creative curriculum. All design and technology tasks involve pupils designing and making a product for a particular person with a specific purpose in mind. Pupils are taught specific skills including cutting, shaping, joining and finishing techniques which they are then able to apply to complete their tasks. They are given the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge and are able to independently select and use a wide variety of materials and components. Pupils are given time to develop their ideas, plan, make, evaluate and refine their own products. Most topics have a D&T element and pupils are able to build and develop their skills  throughout school life.

D&T News:

  • Ancient Egyptian STEM in Year 3
    In recent weeks, the children in year 3 have been really getting stuck into a series of STEM projects (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as they investigate different aspects of ancient Egyptian life. Pyramid Angles We measured the angles that the Ancient Egyptians had built their pyramid and learnt how this affected the height and strength. We then used this […]
  • Y1 – D&T making jam sandwiches!
    Yesterday, the children used their written instructions to help them make jam sandwiches fit for the Queen’s Jubilee! They practised cooking skills such as cutting and spreading and did a great job of following their instructions accurately! Some even used adverbs to really help them!
  • Y3 Celtic House Building
    At the end of our ‘Mists of Time’ topic we have been learning about our Iron Age ancestors, the Celts. We have explored how they lived and the changes seen through their use of iron. We thought that the Celts seemed settled now when compared to the Stone Age hunter gatherers! Inspired by the evidence pieced together by archaeologists, we […]
  • Make do and Mend
    As part of our World War 2 topic, Y6 pupils have been practising their sewing skills. During the war, clothing was rationed and many families stretched their ration-coupons by repairing their existing clothing or exchanging their ration coupons for the raw materials to make new clothes. Inspired by the thought of repairing or reinvigorating an item of clothing they already […]
  • Y1 – Continuous Provision!
    Take a look at some of the things the children have created when they are not learning with their teachers… We are so proud of how self-directed the Y1 children are when accessing the provision in our classroom. They show us how kind, responsible, respectful and creative they are on a daily basis!
  • Making Dens – Outdoor Learning
  • Y1 Making an astronauts’ breakfast!
    Last term, the children used their cooking skills to make porridge fit for an astronaut! They practised measuring, pouring and stirring. The toppings they used were all suitable for space, and were planned by the children themselves!
  • Jamaica Day 2022
    As part of our Jamaica day celebrations, Y6 pupils have been developing their Design and Technology skills by preparing jerk chicken served with rice and peas. The pupils were challenged to adapt the recipe to create the perfect spice blend while also having to use their knowledge of ratios to scale quantities up and down accordingly. Children also applied their […]
  • Year 3 – Design and Technology TASC – Sledges
    As part of our Pole to Pole Learning Journey, Year 3 developed their understanding of forces especially friction. This enabled them to build successful sledges that raced down the propped up tables icey slopes of the Poles! We used the TASC approach to design, experiment, refine and test our sledges collaboratively. The end results not only overcame friction but met […]
  • Y4 Greek Chiton Sewing Project
    As part of our Ancient Greek learning journey, we created chitons (a traditional Ancient Greek item of clothing) for our teddies. We started off practising how to use different sewing techniques – running stitch and back stitch – to create seams and hems on pieces of material. We sewed them into little bags. Then we had to measure and outline […]
  • Y4 Learning Journey 2 – Food for Thought
  • Y4 Using Our Loaves
    Our second learning journey was all about science. We spent a lot of time thinking like scientists, and conducted several investigations. We began by learning about our teeth, thinking about the different types we have and what they are useful for. We did an investigation using eggs (their shells are a similar material to teeth) to find out what the […]
  • Y4 Legendary Legionaries (The Romans in Britain)
    As part of our learning about the Roman invasion of Britain, and how they changed life across their empire, we experienced Roman road making and arch building, were visited by Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, and spent the day as Roman soldiers training, cooking (flatbreads and dips from across the Empire) and camping. These activities have provided the stimulus for […]
  • Year 2 – Outdoor Provision