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  • Ancient Egyptian STEM in Year 3
    In recent weeks, the children in year 3 have been really getting stuck into a series of STEM projects (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as they investigate different aspects of ancient Egyptian life. Pyramid Angles We measured the angles that […]
  • Y1 – Maths – fractions!
    Today in Maths the children used salt dough to find one half of a whole! They were able to recognise that halves must be equal amounts, and some children even managed to find quarters!
  • Y1 – RE
    Today in our RE lesson the children listened to the story, ’Whoever you are’ by Mem Fox. We discussed what the message behind the story was and then used this learning to help us sort some key words into a […]
  • Y3H Scratch Games
    Y3H Have been using Scratch to make games. We disussed what is safe to share online. We decided our games would be good to make availale for anyone to try. So here are some to play: They aren’t perfect! How […]
  • Infant Celebration Assembly – Kindness
    Well done to these children who have demonstrated exceptional kindness at school!
  • Y1 Outdoor Learning, Using our Senses
    We were explorers this afternoon, using all of our senses to complete a treasure hunt during our outdoor learning. When thinking about taste, we found the elderflower tree and learned that we can use the flowers to make cordial. We […]
  • Maths KS1
    We have been learning how to do Arrays in Maths.
  • Y1 – D&T making jam sandwiches!
    Yesterday, the children used their written instructions to help them make jam sandwiches fit for the Queen’s Jubilee! They practised cooking skills such as cutting and spreading and did a great job of following their instructions accurately! Some even used […]
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 4 – May Day celebrations
    This week, we have been learning about May day celebrations. We watched some Maypole dancing and made our own Maypole outside. We are enjoying listening to Maypole music and dancing around. We have also made ribbons to dance with. We’ve […]
  • Outdoor Learning – Investigating Materials in Birds’ Nests
  • Celebration Assembly
  • Y1 Multiplication Carousel
    The children were very resourceful during their maths lesson today. They completed a carousel of activities focussing on multiplication (groups of and repeated addition); division (sharing into equal groups) and doubling.
  • Y1 PE Forward Roles
    The children were really resilient today, practising and improving their forward roles in gymnastics.
  • Y2 Floating and Sinking Experiment
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2- Frog Life Cycle
    We have been continuing our frog theme this week by learning about the life cycle of a frog. We did some drama, acting out being an egg, tadpole and then frog. We enjoyed singing 5 green speckled frogs. We’ve also […]
  • KS1 Celebration Assembly – Writing
  • Out and About with Y5
    Y5 trekked out into the wilderness this week, on our Spring Walk. This adventurous hike into the wilds was supposed to conclude our “Out and About” learning journey, but our previous date had to be cancelled due to the weather […]
  • History
    The children have been historians understanding chronology by ordering Significant British Monarchs.
  • Year 2 and 3 Tree Planting
    Yesterday the Year2s and Year 3s teamed up to plant lots of trees in the school grounds. It was part of the Jubilee celebrations, a national project called the Queen’s Canopy. They have come from a charity called I Dig […]
  • Y1 Outdoor learning – bird spotting!
    Today, we learnt about common varieties of birds found in the U.K. We identified robins, blue tits, magpies, wood pigeons and goldfinches. We went outside to see if we could spot any, and used binoculars to get a closer look!
  • Battle of Hastings Comes to Y5
    Y5 immersed themselves in their new learning journey, “Who Do We Think We Are: The Normans”, last week, when they re-enacted the Battle of Hastings on the school field. The children were split into opposing armies and learnt about the […]
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2 – More frogs!
    We’ve had a lovely day, thinking about different animals. The children have loved making frogs, colouring frogs and ducks and singing 5 speckled frogs and 5 little ducks. They’ve also been singing and dancing to nursery rhymes, working together to […]
  • Y3 to Weston Park Museum
    It was amazing to take the Year 3 children  out on their second trip of the year.  This time we took the double decker to Weston Park Museum. Here we got a special chance to meet not one but two […]
  • Recipe for a Happy Family
    In our wellbeing learning this afternoon Y1 were thinking about their families, and how all families are different. The children created their own recipes for how to make a happy family.
  • Y1 Maths
    The children have been learning to multiply by 10. We used pieces of Numicon to support our understanding of how many groups we were multiplying by.
  • KS1 Celebration Assembly
  • Tree Planting in Y1 and Y6
    We had a wonderful collaborative afternoon on Thursday, with the Y1s and Y6s working together to plant 120 new trees up on the junior field. The Y6s were fantastic role models, and showed such kindness and consideration towards the Y1s, […]
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 1 – Frogs!
    Welcome back! And what a lovely sunny day we’ve had. We welcomed our new starters and read the story of the Wide-Mouthed Frog. The children loved it so much that I’ve read it over and over again to them! They […]
  • Y1 Maths – x 2!
    Today, the children have been learning how to multiply by two! We looked at the symbol ‘X’ and different ways we say this and what this means. The children used numicon ‘2’ pieces to show their working out.
  • Y3 Celtic House Building
    At the end of our ‘Mists of Time’ topic we have been learning about our Iron Age ancestors, the Celts. We have explored how they lived and the changes seen through their use of iron. We thought that the Celts […]
  • Year 3 – Squash Lessons
    This half term year 3 have had the opportunity to try out the sport of squash. We were invited down to Abbeydale Squash Centre for taster lessons. It was wonderful to see how the children’s racket skills improved over their […]
  • Reading for Pleasure Challenge Winners
    A huge well done to everyone who participated in our reading for pleasure challenges this half term, we were blown away by how much awesome reading took place across the school, and by how creative and resourceful the children have […]
  • Make do and Mend
    As part of our World War 2 topic, Y6 pupils have been practising their sewing skills. During the war, clothing was rationed and many families stretched their ration-coupons by repairing their existing clothing or exchanging their ration coupons for the […]
  • Spring 2 Week 6
    We’ve had a lovely week, completed spring trails and enjoying spring crafts. We loved the Eggciting trail, every time we found an egg there was a very energetic challenge to complete !! As always we loved our outside adventures and […]
  • Foundation 2 Spring Update
    We’ve had an action packed and enjoyable Spring 2 half term. The children have definitely earned their break with all their hard work and super learning progress. This is a very full update but we will aim after the holidays […]
  • KS1 Citizenship Awards
  • Spring Term Citizenship Trophy Goes to…
    Seren Smith of Y5P! Seren was awarded the trophy for her kind and supportive attitude when working with other learners, her happy and friendly demeanour and the hard work that she puts into her learning! Well done Seren!
  • Y5 Finish Their Journey “Out and About”
    Y5 have just concluded their Learning Journey for the half term. Called “Out and About” this journey focuses on the geographical knowledge and skills required to interpret maps and understand the world around us. Check out our Celebration Assembly to […]
  • Art- Y1
    Y1 have finished their Roy Litchenstein inspired art work pieces today adding their own bubble writing.
  • Y1 – English – Superhero stories!
    This term, the children have enjoyed reading Supertato and have now written their own Superhero story! We wrote a first draft in our learning books, edited them and we are now writing them up neatly in our very own books! […]
  • Y1 – choose!
    Take a look at the creations the Y1 children have made in their own choose time in the provision… We encourage the children to take their own photos of what they make and put their name on a post it […]
  • Y5/6 Bouldering Team Take Third in City Championship
    The Dore Primary Bouldering team competed in the Sheffield City Championships last Friday and stormed home to a fantastic third place! This was a personal best for the school and showed the team’s great ability, but also determination and resilience. […]
  • Year 3 – Philosophy for children
    Y3H Norway too part in an excellect P4C session on Friday. We read Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and discussed whether Cave Baby’s artistic creativity were naughty or inspired. We then related this to modern art and graffeti. The children […]
  • KS1 Celebration Assembly – being safe
  • Spring 2 week 5 March sunshine
    We’ve had a lovely week enjoying the very warm March sunshine. They helped build a shelter and then pretended to go camping. If you look closely you can see the fire they made ! The children took turns to role […]
  • Year 2 Science
    Today we have become scientists researching a range of materials and testing whether things are waterproof, sturdy, flexible and absorbent. This information will help us when we choose the materials to make our weather proof house!
  • South Yorkshire School Games Week
    As part of our PE lesson this week Year 2 have been taking place in a number of challenges as part of South Yorkshire Games week.
  • Year 3 to Creswell Craggs
    It was so lovely to be able to take the Year 3 children on a trip out of school. The double decker took us quickly to Creswell Craggs. We really got to understand our Mists of Time learning in context: […]