Autumn Term Week Four

More Apple Fairy fun This week the children have continued to enjoy the story of The Apple Fairy. Its been a really busy week. They made themselves stars from sticks and decorated them . Cut open apples, so they could find the stars inside, then made and cooked apple crumble on the fire. We have […]

Y4 The SpiDOREwick Chronicles

To get our lovely new classes settled into Y4, we used the ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’ as the inspiration for our first couple weeks of learning. We used the story for book study, then investigated the mysterious creatures you can find when you gain ‘the sight’ (the ability to see into the invisible world of faeries). To […]

Autumn Term Week Three

The Apple Fairy The children started off the week looking for, and digging up vegetables outside They have also week learnt a new story oral story called ‘The apple fairy’. It’s a story of an apple tree who was sad because she couldn’t reach up and catch a star. The apple fairy visited the tree […]

Autumn Term Week Two

The Enormous Turnip Monday was a wet day but we still had lots of outside and inside fun . We painted puddles and made hand prints using floor. We have learnt a new story this week, The Enormous Turnip. Its a story of a farmer who grew an enormous turnip. It was so big he […]

Autumn Term Week 1

A BIG, BIG WELCOME.   IT’S LOVELY TO BE BACK! Welcome back to all the children we had last year and a big welcome to all our new children. The children have had a lovely week settling into pre-school and exploring our outside and inside areas. They have enjoyed making mud cakes, splashing in water and […]

Y4 Legendary Legionaries (The Romans in Britain)

As part of our learning about the Roman invasion of Britain, and how they changed life across their empire, we experienced Roman road making and arch building, were visited by Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, and spent the day as Roman soldiers training, cooking (flatbreads and dips from across the Empire) and camping. These activities […]