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Y1 Water Relay

We worked on our team building skills this afternoon, whilst cooling off at the same time! The children had to transfer water from one receptacle to another, without spilling too much on the way. They did a great job supporting each other, and utilised their measuring skills to judge the winners of each race.

Y1 – Art – patterns!

Today we looked at different types of pattern and tried to replicate some from our environment (fabric samples!). They children tried hard to mimic shapes and colours they spotted.

Pre-School Summer 2 Week 6 – The Sun Egg

This week we are reading the lovely story of The Sun Egg, by Else Beskow. The elf loves dancing and has a special dance for every season. We enjoyed dancing in the hall; a come back sun dance, a swirling leaves autumn dance and a falling snow dance. We also explored dancing as different animals, […]

Y3H Musical Showcase

The children of Y3H have been working hard as a team to prepare for their musical showcase. In front of families and very lucky pupils from other classes, the children showed what they could do. It was impressive stuff using thoer voices, bodies and, of course, violins, they demonstrated a keen understanding of picth, rhythm, […]

Cricket – Yorkshire Finals

It’s been a great week of cricket for Dore Primary School with both the Y6 boys and Y6 girls teams competing in the county finals to be crowned the best cricketing school in all of Yorkshire (and by logical extension, (the best in the country). All the children who took part were a credit to […]

Y1 – Trip to Shirebrook Valley

Today, we visited Shirebrook Valley and met rangers Nell and James! They taught us all about creatures that live in ponds and woods. We then tried pond dipping and identified lots of different insects and living things! We also enjoyed making habitats for woodland animals as well as art work made from natural materials. A […]

Pre-School Summer 2 Week 5

This week we have read a story called Pelle’s New Suit, a Swedish tale about a boy who shears his lamb and uses the wool to make a new suit. We have used red berries to dye socks to make into sock puppets. We’ve been making our own new suits too, by drawing around ourselves […]