Pre-School Summer 2 Week 7

We’ve had a lovely time playing in the paddling pools and escaping the heat. We’ve been thinking about the beach and what we do on the beach. We read a lovely book about keeping our beaches clean and helping the wildlife. We’ve also been making potions with rose petals and herbs. We went into FS2 […]

Pre-School Summer 2 Week 6 – The Sun Egg

This week we are reading the lovely story of The Sun Egg, by Else Beskow. The elf loves dancing and has a special dance for every season. We enjoyed dancing in the hall; a come back sun dance, a swirling leaves autumn dance and a falling snow dance. We also explored dancing as different animals, […]

Pre-School Summer 2 Week 5

This week we have read a story called Pelle’s New Suit, a Swedish tale about a boy who shears his lamb and uses the wool to make a new suit. We have used red berries to dye socks to make into sock puppets. We’ve been making our own new suits too, by drawing around ourselves […]

Summer 2

What a busy half term we’ve had so far! We’ve been thinking a lot about animals, including bees, sheep and goats. We’ve learned new songs, finger rhymes and we’ve done lots of crafts. Making patterns Going on a pattern hunt Marshmellows on the fire Making chocolate rice crispy cakes and biscuits Sheep, goats and bees […]

Sports day and The Queens Jubilee

We had a busy day, learning about the Queen, designing her knickers and making trifle. We loved our picnic lunch outside and manage to dodge the rain for our very own mini sports ‘day’ .

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 4 – May Day celebrations

This week, we have been learning about May day celebrations. We watched some Maypole dancing and made our own Maypole outside. We are enjoying listening to Maypole music and dancing around. We have also made ribbons to dance with. We’ve been celebrating the start of May by looking at all the different coloured flowers that […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2- Frog Life Cycle

We have been continuing our frog theme this week by learning about the life cycle of a frog. We did some drama, acting out being an egg, tadpole and then frog. We enjoyed singing 5 green speckled frogs. We’ve also made some salt dough ready for making frogs and lily pads. We’ve had a busy […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2 – More frogs!

We’ve had a lovely day, thinking about different animals. The children have loved making frogs, colouring frogs and ducks and singing 5 speckled frogs and 5 little ducks. They’ve also been singing and dancing to nursery rhymes, working together to make puzzles and playing in the water.

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 1 – Frogs!

Welcome back! And what a lovely sunny day we’ve had. We welcomed our new starters and read the story of the Wide-Mouthed Frog. The children loved it so much that I’ve read it over and over again to them! They enjoyed playing outside, looking for minibeasts, making paper frogs and playing on the tyres.

Autumn Term Week Nine

The children started the week talking about the firework celebrations they had been too and describing the sounds and sights of the fire works they had seen. They enjoyed fire working dancing, using ribbons and creating movements in time with the fire work sounds. They also used used musical instruments to make the sounds of […]