Autumn Term Week Ten

This week the children have continued to think about hibernation and we also started to think about our other woodland friends who may need warm beds as we move into winter. They started the week by making clay hedgehogs, and building homes for the hedgehogs to hibernate in during the winter. Later in the week […]

Y4 Hotshots Basketball 2021

It was great to be playing competative sport again, and the Y4 Hotshots Basketball team really went for it! We won every game in our group then went on to win the final. This was the South Sheffield round, so now we await details of the whole city finals! The team played brilliantly well together […]

Autumn Term Week Nine

The children started the week talking about the firework celebrations they had been too and describing the sounds and sights of the fire works they had seen. They enjoyed fire working dancing, using ribbons and creating movements in time with the fire work sounds. They also used used musical instruments to make the sounds of […]

Autumn Term Week Eight

It’s lovely to be back at and we all returned happy and refreshed. We also have a new starter this week, who the children welcomed into our pre-school family. This week has been about celebrations. The children learnt about Diwali, the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the […]

Conservation – Mulching

Supported by the Community Forestry team from Sheffield City Council, Year 6 pupils have been carrying out maintenance work on newly planted trees at The Rec. Spreading mulch around the base of trees will provide the trees with nutrients and help them to continue to thrive.