Y4 Layers of the Rainforest

As part of our ‘Amazonian Adventure’ learning journey, we studied how the flora of the rainforest can be split into different layers: emergent, canopy, understorey and undergrowth/forest floor. To conslidate this learning, children spent an outdoor learning session trying to recreate scale models of the rainforest using scavenged items.

Y6 – Aztec Art – Mosaics

Year 6 have been making mosaics to celebrate an element of Aztec culture. Before deciding on a final composition, pupils explored the technique of mosaic in their sketchbooks and experimented with creating different effects. Pupils considered leaving gaps between tiles to create negative space vs overlapping tiles. They also explored size and shape of tiles […]

FS2 Mr Muddy Face

We met another of Mr Owl’s friends this week – Mr Muddy Face. He can be tricky to spot, but if you look really carefully then you might just see….clay for a face, acorns for eyes, feathers for ears and a big shiny brown conker for his nose…yep that’s him. Captivated by his presence, the […]

Pre-School Autumn 1 Week 4

This week we have been reading the Enormous Turnip. The children have been acting out the story using masks and digging for their own vegetables using trowels. They’ve been hammering and chopping up the vegetables and using them to print with paint. They’ve also been thinking about how we can help people. We read the […]

Y4 Outdoor Maths

For a change to a usual maths lesson, we put our learning on our new Outdoor Learning posts around the school field, so children were able to get some exercise while they were working. It proved very popular!

Autumn 1 Week 3

The Apple Fairy Continued . This week the children have been tasting different types apples, making apple fairy wands and acting out The Apple Fairy Story . We have also explored the trees in Kingscroft and around school, we found lots of early autumnal treasures such as acorns, beech nuts and sweet chestnuts . We […]

Y4 SpiDOREwick Chronicles

For our first English learning this year, Y4 studied the Spiderwick Chronicles, which tells of 3 children who move to new house and discover a world of strange and fantastic creatures. We had to make some spells so that we could also gain ‘The Sight’, and be able to see into this magical world. Once […]

Y4 SpiDOREwick Chronicles

Y4 started the year by immersing ourselves into the magical world of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Through our reading, we discovered that it is possible to gain ‘The Sight’, allowing humans to see into the faerie world. This world contains all sorts of creatures, from fairies and pixies to trolls and boggarts. Once we had gained […]