Y4 Amazonian Adventure Outdoor Learning

To support our learning about South America, the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River, we made links between the flora we find in Britain and that of the rainforest. Over several weeks we looked at tree types, compared leaf sizes, and made 3D images showing the layers of the rainforest. We also acted out some Amazonian myths about the mysterious creatures of the rainforest. To support our science learning, we learned about the water cycle and made outdoor models to represent how water evaporates, condenses, falls as precipation and then gathers and begins again. Finally, we found out about how many plants and flowers have medicinal properties, and made our own (genuine!) bite and sting remedy from olive oil, beeswax and plantain (a small plant that is found in every lawn in the country). Unfortunately the photos of the plantain balsam have vanished!