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  • Y5 Castleton Residential – Monday

    Although it has been a hot couple of days (!), Y5 have spent their time in the relative calm, and slightly cooler air of Castleton and the surrounding area. The dorms have been lovely and cool, and activities have been adapted and amended to ensure that everyone has had a good supply of water, whilst […]
  • Y1 – Art – patterns!

    Today we looked at different types of pattern and tried to replicate some from our environment (fabric samples!). They children tried hard to mimic shapes and colours they spotted.
  • Y1 – Art / RE

    The children listened to the Christian parable of The Lost Sheep and thought about the moral of the story. They then made their own paper plate sheep using card and cotton wool !
  • Y4 Roman Mosaics

    In Art and Design, we discovered how the Romans liked to create mosaics to represent people, stories and make attractive patterns to decorate buildings and homes. We had a go at creating our own, and quickly found that cutting 100 ‘tessarae’, then painting them to fit our designs, was fiddly and time-consuming work. The effort […]
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day

    As a culmination of our learning about the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain, we held ‘Legendary Legionary’ day. Dressing and acting as legionaries (Roman soldiers), our ‘cohorts’ of troops rotated around a series of activities to help them prepare to invade Britannia. Children experienced military training – archery and javelin practice, shield designs […]
  • Art- Y1

    Y1 have finished their Roy Litchenstein inspired art work pieces today adding their own bubble writing.
  • Year 3 – Philosophy for children

    Y3H Norway too part in an excellect P4C session on Friday. We read Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and discussed whether Cave Baby’s artistic creativity were naughty or inspired. We then related this to modern art and graffeti. The children came up with some excellent questions to discuss: Is graffiti mess or art? Is art […]
  • Art – Y1
    Today, the children have taken inspiration from the greats, Roy Litchenstein, who created Pop Art. The children started their own art work piece today using bubble wrap to create Ben Day dots which Litchenstein used in his own work.
  • Y1 – Continuous Provision!

    Take a look at some of the things the children have created when they are not learning with their teachers… We are so proud of how self-directed the Y1 children are when accessing the provision in our classroom. They show us how kind, responsible, respectful and creative they are on a daily basis!
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Three

    Day Two ended with campfire, with a sing-a-long and hot chocolate. Day Three began with FOUR birthday celebrations, then continued with several games and activities. As I write, children are on their final game, before they have some free time to finish off an amazing three days. Our thanks go to all the staff at […]
  • Y2 art inspired by Kandinsky

  • Clay Oscars

  • Y4 Learning Journey 1 – Amazonian Adventure

  • Y4 Rousseau’s Rainforest Dioramas

    As part of our Amazonian Adventure Learning Journey, we studied the art of Henri Rousseau, and discovered lots about how he painted rainforest scenes in a ‘naive’ way, without ever having left France to see a rainforest for real. We used some of his ideas to create our own shoebox ‘dioramas’, with each layer representing […]
  • Y4 The SpiDOREwick Chronicles

    To get our lovely new classes settled into Y4, we used the ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’ as the inspiration for our first couple weeks of learning. We used the story for book study, then investigated the mysterious creatures you can find when you gain ‘the sight’ (the ability to see into the invisible world of faeries). To […]
  • Y2 Still Life Artwork

    We used chalk pastels to create beautiful artwork.
  • Y3 Transition – Two truths and a lie

    It is not often a teacher encourages lies. But for as a way to get to know the new Year 3’s, Mrs Davison, Mrs Guiton and Mr Hanks have been asking children to tell two truths and a lie about themselves. They also drew brilliant pictures to help us recognise them. The children (and teachers) […]
  • Y3 How does your garden grow?

    Our final learning journey in Year 3, has inspired some wonderful creativity: science, art, computing and English. In Science, we learnt the correct names and funtions of different parts of a plant. Children showed their understanding by choosing different materials to represent each part. We are so lucky at Dore Primary to have access to […]