Art and Design

Art and Design at Dore Primary School

We know that children’s creativity is naturally fostered and enriched through art and design. We aim to engage and inspire pupils to develop and refine their talent as artists by facilitating them to experience new skills across a range of different mediums. At Dore Primary School, Art and Design is taught through our learning journeys, either as the primary curriculum aim or as complementing activities or projects that contribute to a purposeful, blended curriculum-based approach.

As well as igniting children’s creativity, art provides great opportunities to showcase our school’s values. Children’s resilience allows them to learn how to develop skills, to improve their artwork and persevere through difficulties while maintaining a positive, reflective and creative attitude. When creating art, children show resourcefulness by selecting resources effectively and considering how best to convey their artistic ideas, as well as showing their resourcefulness by creating artworks using non-traditional mediums.  Finally art supports children’s understanding of kindness through respect for cultural differences, sensitively giving feedback to peers, suggesting positives aspects of artwork and suggesting possible improvements.

At Dore Primary School, we aspire to help children develop into artists, building progressively each year on the following key concepts:

Developing Ideas

Understanding how ideas develop through an artistic process and building their theoretical knowledge.

Master techniques

Developing a practical skill set so that ideas may be communicated.

Take inspiration from the greats

Learning discipilinary knowledge from both the artistic process and techniques of great artists and artisans throughout history.


Art & Design News:

  • Y3 Learning Journey – History and Art
    The children looked at shabtis as a form of Ancient Egyptian primary evidence and thought about what these could have been used for… They then used clay to create their own ‘servant’ for the afterlife, using previous skills such as hatching and using slip to make joins. Finally the children wrapped up their shabtis in… Read more: Y3 Learning Journey – History and Art
  • Y3 Art and Geography
    In Y3 we practised our sculpting skills, including hatching and using ‘slip’ to recreate Egyptian landmarks. We then placed these along the ‘length’ of the River Nile to appreciate the scale and location of these!
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
    To support our learning about the Romans in Britain, Y4 found out about Roman Road making by creating a mini version of the layers used by the Romans to create their famour roads.  In June we will be putting this learning to the test to decide whether a local road could have been made by… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
  • Y3 Clay Models – Polar Animals
    Inspired by Inuit sculpture we made models of polar animals out of clay. To make them strong, we needed to form them out of one piece not stick bits together. We also painted a background showing the environment they live in. We used our models and backgrounds to consider how animals are adapted to survive… Read more: Y3 Clay Models – Polar Animals
  • Y1 Art
    Year 1 have used printing and colour mixing techniques to create their own moon picture.
  • Y4 English – Portal Stories
    Y4 have spent a great deal of care, time and effort creating these amazing stories. First we read about different examples of ‘portal story’, including The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Phantom Tollbooth. We worked out that mostly portal stories start with someone who isn’t happy with their everyday life (just like… Read more: Y4 English – Portal Stories
  • Y4 Sheffield Children’s Book Awards Visit
    Y4 spent a fantastic day in Sheffield city centre, attending the Sheffield Children’s Book Awards. At a very lively ceremony, we were entertained by ‘That Poetry Guy’, then saw the winners of the various awards, including the ones we had voted for when we were in Y3. The Lord Mayor of Sheffield presented the overall… Read more: Y4 Sheffield Children’s Book Awards Visit
  • Y4 Art – Beatriz Milhazes inspired collages
    As the final part of our ‘Amazonian Adventure’, Y4 took inspiration from Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, who creates large collages which represent her life in Rio de Janeiro and the environment around her. We practised some of the techniques we might need in our sketch books, including working with straight lines, collaging with circles and… Read more: Y4 Art – Beatriz Milhazes inspired collages
  • Aztec collages
    The Year 6s have been learning how Aztec artisans created mosaics using semi-precious stones, such as jade and turquoise. In our art lessons, we focused on the elements of space, colour and shape to create these stunning pieces:
  • Y3 RE – Rangoli designs
    Rangoli patterns are bright patterns on the floor by the door to welcome visitors into Hindu homes. Do you like our Rangoli designs? We hope they bring joy to you like rangoli designs do in Hindu homes.
  • Y4 SpiDOREwick Chronicles
    Y4 started the year by immersing ourselves into the magical world of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Through our reading, we discovered that it is possible to gain ‘The Sight’, allowing humans to see into the ‘faerie’ world. This world contains all sorts of creatures, from fairies and pixies to trolls and boggarts. Once we had gained… Read more: Y4 SpiDOREwick Chronicles
  • Our first week in Y2
    🎉 Welcome back, Year 2 superstars! 🎉 It has been a great first week back at school. We have love exploring all our new classroom areas and taking part in our Y2 learning so far. We are getting ready for another amazing year of learning, achieveing , and making incredible memories together!
  • FS2 Pirate Medallions
    This week in outdoor learning the children made their own pirate medallions. They moulded the clay with their hands and scavenged for small natural gems among the wildlife garden. They then decorated their medallions, taking their time, thinking about patterns, shapes and textures (building on last week’s learning). Once the medallions are dry, the children… Read more: FS2 Pirate Medallions
  • Outdoor Art – Mandalas
    This wonderful outdoor art was created as part of the Year 3 ‘How does your garden grow?’ learning journey. We were partly inspired by the buddist monks who grind up rocks to make their mandalas over 60 hours. We just worked in TASC groups to construct art works using the natural resources from our lovely… Read more: Outdoor Art – Mandalas
  • Water Aid Art Competition
    Congratulations to everyone who entered our water themed art competition. The quality of the work was outstanding and it was wonderful to see such a wide variety of ideas and mediums used. The aim was to raise awareness about the work that Water Aid do too and to remind us that every child has the… Read more: Water Aid Art Competition
  • Love your burial ground Year 3 plant survey
    As part of ‘Love your burial ground week’ and the start of our ‘How does your garden grow’ learning journey, Year 3 visited Dore Church to make a botanical survey of the plants growing there. We found all sorts of species of grass, flowers and trees in this unique habitat. We also made some sketches and… Read more: Love your burial ground Year 3 plant survey
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
    To support our learning in history, design and technology, art and design, PE and outdoor learning, Y4 spent the day imagining and experiencing life as Roman legionaries. They set up camp using our outdoor learning tarps, then created shield designs using classical ideas to represent the type of soldier they were. Next came military practice… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
  • Y6 – Art – A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sculptures
    In Art, Year 6 have been creating clay busts of characters from the play we are studying this year: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Children experimented with using wire frames within their clay sculptures to support the structure where required and the finished sculptures have also been painted. Can you tell which character each sculpture is?
  • Ancient Egypt Scale model
    To kick off our Leaning Journey, Year 3 worked together to make a scale model of Ancient Egypt. It included: The River Nile Delta Fertile land Red Sea Mediterranean Sea Eastern and Western Deserts So many monuments! It was super lesson using history, geography, art and design skills as well as working together using the… Read more: Ancient Egypt Scale model
  • Schools Climate Emergency South Yorkshire Conference
    Children from Dore Primary School took part in the 3rd South Yorkshire schools’ climate action conference in March. This important conference was very popular so only six places were available to us. Children were asked to send in their pitch, (either written or by video message) for why they should get a place. Mrs Simpson… Read more: Schools Climate Emergency South Yorkshire Conference