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Tree Planting

During the last few weeks all the children in school have had several assembly presentations in which we’ve looked at the huge benefits of trees and woodland on our mental health and of course the wider environment. The Y3 and Y1 children teamed up to help each other plant their own native tree species on school grounds at Kings Croft. The children […]

Y3 History – The Stone Age

In History the children have been learning all about The Stone Age. They have learned lots of new facts and we have also researched information that we were unsure about using the IPADS. In this lesson this children used lots of difference Maths resources to build their own version of Stonehenge. We had so much […]

Y3 Maths – Measuring trees

In Maths Y3 are looking at Length and perimeter. The children took a metre stick and measured the trees on Kings Croft. The children put the information they had found into a tally chart. We had a great time not only developing our maths skills but also getting lots of fresh air.

Y3 PE – Gymnastics

In PE we have been looking at how we can sequence point and patch balances. The children used benches, apparatus and mats to plan a sequence that involved a jump, balance and a roll.

Y3 History

Our new learning journey Mists of Time begins with a lesson on all about whether items are biodegradable or non-biodegradable. The children went outside and buried different items and used their predicting skills to predict what the items will look like when we dig them up in a few weeks.

Y3 Church Visit

The children having been learning about the Christian Christmas story and whether Christmas has lost it’s true meaning. The children had a lovely afternoon visiting the church, meeting the vicar and exploring the church at Christmas time. We sang some Christmas songs and then made our way to the Village Green Shop to purchase a […]


In Y3 we completed a TASC project. We designed, made and evaluated our own Christmas decoration. We designed 3 different idea’s then we chose our best design. After that we evaluated our decoration and thought about what we would improve or do differently next time. The children had so much fun making them and can’t […]

Y3 Squash at Abbeydale

In Y3 we were lucky enough to go down to Abbeydale Sports Centre and take part in some squash lessons. The children really enjoyed taking part and learnt lots of new skills.

Y3 Science

In Y3 we were lucky enough to have a special visit from some Sheffield University Scientist Students. They taught Y3 all about climate change and even did an exciting experiment with ice.