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Old Hay Brook

The Y2’s had a lovely walk down to Old Hay Brook as part of their outdoor learning project. The children meticulously created rafts to float down the river and this was a success (via a few entanglements!!) The children represented the school excellently and we are all very proud of their efforts.

Y2 Trip- Mini-Olympics

All of our fabulous Y2’s had a trip to the EIS to take part in a multi-school Mini-Olympics. All of the teaching staff were blown away by how fantastic our children conducted themselves throughout the morning, both through representation of the school in following our rules but also in showcasing their brilliant sporting ability. Several […]

Wellbeing- Drama lesson

This week our Y2’s had a wellbeing lesson on how to resolve conflict following our school rules of being safe and respectful. This had a particular focus on the difference in how it feels when someone listens compared to when someone does not. The children were very focused and engaged throughout the lesson and their […]

Grace Darling

Our immersion lesson for the next phase of English work allowed the children to recreate the scene of Grace Darling’s brave rescue mission. It gave the opportunity for our children to utilise the classroom equipment to make and act out the scene from back in 1838.

Music- Glockenspiel’s

During our music lessons with Mr Deveney, the children have been able to use a range of instruments including glockenspiels, guitars and ukuleles. They have been extremely engaged with the lessons and we have received really positive feedback from parents on the door!

Maths- Fractions with salt dough

Our maths in Y2 has moved onto fractions. Our immersion lesson allowed for our Y2s to create their own pizza’s, bread and cakes using salt dough, integrating fractions to split their creations into halves, quarters and thirds.

PE- Cricket sessions with A Chance to Shine

The past two Thursdays we have been visited by Sharon from A Chance to Shine who has shown our children the basics of cricket, with emphasis on throwing, catching and batting. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and showcased their fantastic hand-eye coordination, excellent listening and mature sportspersonship. They all followed our three school expectations […]

English- Banana bread making

This week our children have learnt how to create and follow a recipe effectively. They have used adverbs and adjectives to add depth and understanding to their recipes. On Monday, they then showed maturity, skill and patience in baking their banana bread muffins, some of the children were that excited by their creation they had […]

Y2- Nativity Performances

We were astounded by the professionalism of our Y2’s during their nativity performances. They all invested so much time, effort and resilience into learning their stage directions, lines and all of the songs. A huge thank you to the DPA for organising tea and coffee for parents and for their help with the raffle hamper. […]