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Y3 History Van – Burying the Pharaoh

We have had the History Van in school to help us find out more about the life and death of Pharaoh Ramses II. Using clues from the discovery of his temple (the Ramesseum) and his tomb we have found out such a lot more about Ancient Egyptian life and beliefs. We made Scarab pendants, scribed […]

Y6 Netball Festival

On Friday 22nd March, the Y6 Netball team played in the Westbourne U11 Netball Festival based at Ponds Forge. The team did extremely well, winning two of their matches and drawing the last. Finishing third overall, their teamwork and determination was a delight to see – well done everyone! Thanks again to all of the […]

Y6 Netball Tournament

On Saturday 24th February, the Y6 Netball team played their very first matches at the U11 SFSS Tournament based at the Sheffield Girls High School. To say it was the first time they had all played together as a team, they did extremely well, winning many of their seven matches and finishing fourth in their […]

Y3 Sled Designs

This half term the Year 3s have been the challenged to design and make a sled that will travel smoothly and quickly across the snow for their Inuk friend Aput! After researching existing sled designs and learning all about friction, the classes began by testing the best surface for their sled’s base. They tested out […]

Y3 Clay Models – Polar Animals

Inspired by Inuit sculpture we made models of polar animals out of clay. To make them strong, we needed to form them out of one piece not stick bits together. We also painted a background showing the environment they live in. We used our models and backgrounds to consider how animals are adapted to survive […]

Y3 Outdoor Learning – Shelter Building

Linked to our Pole to Pole learning journey our theme this term was shelter building. Our day was suitably chilly -2 degrees but no one complained! Just look how we got on. There were four activities running through out the day: Activity 1: To make a ridge line shelter tarp lean to. Activity 2 – […]

Y3 Science – Buoyancy

In Science, we have been investigating the forces involved in buoyancy.  As part of our Pole to Pole learning journey we looked at Ernest Shackleton’s ship the Endeavour on his trip to the Antarctic. We started with a ‘control’ ship to float measured in cm squares. Then after testing its buoyancy we designed and improved […]