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Summer 1 week 6

This week we have been enjoying the warm weather . We have been learning about the different types of bees and went out on a trail to find pictures of different bees and also found parts to make our own picture of a bee ! Plus we had our own fun on Sports day ! […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 5 Oliver’s Vegetables

This week we have been reading Oliver’s Vegetables. We’ve been exploring the new vegetable gardens and making scarecrows. We also measured ourselves against a sunflower and planted our own sunflower seeds. The children also went on a trail to identify different insects they may find in the soil or feeding on plants and blossom. We’ve […]

Week 3 Mayday Dancing, Spring walks and Nature Crowns.

We’ve had a lovely 3 days at preschool. To celebrate the beginning of May the children enjoyed taking part in a May day dance. We watched children dancing around a maypole and then with ribbons and some Maypole dancing music we did our interpretation. The children listened really well to the instructions and clapping to […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2 Caterpillars and Butterflies

We started the week with a Muslim story about a boy called Bilal who finds a butterfly. The butterfly explains how he used to be a caterpillar and Bilal has lots of questions. The butterfly explains that it is Allah who makes all of life’s wonderful things happen. We’ve been watching our own caterpillars and […]