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Y6 – Science – Light and Seeing

In Science this half term, Y6 have been learning about light and seeing. Children have learnt about the physics of how light travels, reflects, refracts and creates shadows of varying sizes as well as the biology of how the human eye works. To see the physics in actions, pupils engaged in practical activities to demonstrate […]

Y6 – Computing – Scratch Platform Games

In Computing, Year 6 have been creating platform games using the block-based programming language Scratch. These games challenged children to use operators, variables, broadcasts and control blocks and are an excellent example creativity. Some examples are included below for your enjoyment. Megan’s Mushroom Madness The Chicken Game (by Daniel) If you have enjoyed this small […]

Y6 – DT – Shelter Design and Construction

In our Design and Technology lessons, Year 6 have completed a T.A.S.C project to build strong structures. Children were tasked with building a structure, with a pitched roof, which could bear he maximum load under compression when loaded from above. Children began by using paper to explore which shapes were strong and how they could […]

Y6 Athletics Team

After successfully winning two rounds of heats, we are very proud of our Y6 Athletics team who finished 4th in the Sheffield City Finals. The team were a credit to the school in how the approached the competition, supporting each other and working well as a group.

Science Book Awards 2024

Thank you to all the children in Y6 who reviewed one or more of the shortlisted books for this year’s Royal Society Science Book of the Year Award. Our final ratings have been decided and our feedback has been sent to the Royal Society to help them crown a winner.