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Y6 – Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

Year 6 pupils have been taking part in the Royal Society’s annual Young People’s Book Prize. Pupils on the judging panel read and reviewed 6 fantastic new Science-based non-fiction books scoring them for the following categories: interest, look and feel, ease of reading and inspiration. The results are in and the panel’s top-scoring book was […]

Y6 – Computer Aided Design

Year 6 have been designing prototype mountain shelters using Computer Aided Design software TinkerCAD. Designing in 3D allows children to consider a wide range of design aspects and should lead to some well-thought-out projects. Now children will be using their DT skills to bring their projects to life.

Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics

Having already won their two previous heats in style, the Year 6 athletics team came a very respectable fifth place in the city finals today. The children competed with grace and humility throughout the competition and to place in the top five primary schools in Sheffield is a massive achievement!

Y6 – D.T – Testing the strength of different shapes

In D.T this half term, Year 6 pupils will be constructing a prototype mountain shelter which must be able to resist strong compression forces applied from above (simulating heavy snowfall or an avalanche). To inform the design process, pupils experimented with different shapes, constructing these out of paper and then considering ways to reinforce each […]

Y6 – Making ratios

In maths, Year 6 have been learning about ratio. To help the children initially get to grips with what a ratio is, children created ratios using objects from around the room, simplifying the ratios when needed. This activity also helped demonstrate to pupils how flexible ratios can be compared to other part-whole concepts, such as […]

Reindeer Run

As part of our commitment to promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, our wonderful Year 6s organised the inaugural Dore Primary School Reindeer Run. Children from across the juniors took part, completing a fun run around the school grounds. The course was well-marshalled by our Year 6s and participants were encouraged to […]

Y6 Winter Walk

With a focus on our curriculum driver of Outdoor Learning, as well as, for some children, our school value of Resilience, Year 6 excelled themselves in completing our annual Winter Walk. Conditions this year were snowy and bright, making for a perfect day to appreciate the beauty of the moorland in winter.

Y6 – D.T – Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

In D.T this half term, Year 6 have been cooking Jamaica’s national dish: jerk chicken with rice and peas. Children started by looking at the recipe for jerk chicken, sampling the various aromatics which go into the spice blend and crafting their own perfect marinade. With their spice blends chosen, children prepared traditional Jamaican rice […]