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Y6 – SATs Week

The Year 6 team, as well as all the adults at Dore Primary School, would like to congratulate the Year 6 pupils for the manner in which they conducted themselves during SATs week. Children approached the tests with great maturity and displayed calm, purposefulness and resilience throughout the week. Well done!

Y6 – Art – A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sculptures

In Art, Year 6 have been creating clay busts of characters from the play we are studying this year: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Children experimented with using wire frames within their clay sculptures to support the structure where required and the finished sculptures have also been painted. Can you tell which character each sculpture is?

Y6 – English – WW2 Air Raid Writing

In English this half-term, Year 6 have been learning about World War 2 and have focussed in their writing on the experiences of British families during The Blitz. Children have focussed on writing to entertain using a mixture of action and suspense as well as choosing vocabulary specifically for effect. Hopefully, the reader will also […]

Musical Soiree at Dore Primary School

Our talented musicians and singers had their moment in the spotlight this week at the Dore Primary Musical Soiree. The performers contributed to a wonderful evening of music and song – it was a truly memorable and inspirational experience! We hope this is the start of a new yearly tradition and that even more of […]

Y6 – Computing – micro:bit

In Computing this half term, Year 6 have been learning to use the micro:bit. This small but powerful circuit board is packed full of interesting hardware and computational power. So far, children have explored the basic inputs (e.g. buttons, movement) and outputs (e.g. LED lights) and have experimented with adding external components such as a […]

Y6 – Maths – 3D Shapes: Euler’s Law and Platonic Solids

As part of our unit of shape, Year 6 children have been exploring 3D shapes. In this lesson, children were investigating Euler’s Law (That, in many 3D shapes, the number of faces plus the number of vertices is 2 more than the number of edges or F+V=E+2), using polydron. Children were also built the 5 […]

Y6 – Science – Reflection

In Science this half term, Year 6 are learning about light and seeing. Having established last week that light travels in straight lines, this week, we have been exploring how light can change its direction of travel by reflecting off a surface, always reflecting at an equal angle to which it approached the surface. Children […]

Y6 – Computing – Scratch Platform Games

Year 6 have been developing their coding skills by creating old school platformer games using Scratch. A huge amount of programming skill went in to creating these games including using ‘IF’ conditions, operators, broadcasts and variables. A couple of example projects are embedded below for your enjoyment. The full collection of games can be found […]

Y6 – Tree Planting at Green Oak Recreation Ground

As part of our ‘Into the Wild’ topic, Year 6 children have been learning about how important trees are for biodiversity as well as a means to combat climate change. To help develop green spaces in the local community, Year 6 children have planted trees, both as whips as well as from seeds, at Green […]

Y6 – Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

Year 6 pupils have been taking part in the Royal Society’s annual Young People’s Book Prize. Pupils on the judging panel read and reviewed 6 fantastic new Science-based non-fiction books scoring them for the following categories: interest, look and feel, ease of reading and inspiration. The results are in and the panel’s top-scoring book was […]