Autumn Term Week Eight

It’s lovely to be back at and we all returned happy and refreshed. We also have a new starter this week, who the children welcomed into our pre-school family. This week has been about celebrations. The children learnt about Diwali, the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. To celebrate they made lights using different materials; paper and also clay. They also looked at rangoli patterns, collaging and painting the beautiful patterns . We have also continued to celebrate autumn and went on a leaf hunt, looking at the beautiful colours and patterns of the leaves . At the end of the week we thought and talked about Bonfire night¬†celebrations, and we collected sticks for our very own bonfire party. We learnt that a good dry stick for burning was one that would make a snap sound when we broke it in half. On Friday we made fire works, and then in the afternoon we sang “6 sizzling sausages” as we watched the sausages cook on the fire. Splashing and playing in puddles
Going on a leaf hunt
Collecting Sticks for our Bonfire . We listened for the SNAP sound as we broke them in half.
Bonfire Party. Sausages and hot chocolate .
Outside fun
Making fire work rockets, reading with friends and patterns