Autumn Term Week Four

More Apple Fairy fun This week the children have continued to enjoy the story of The Apple Fairy. Its been a really busy week. They made themselves stars from sticks and decorated them . Cut open apples, so they could find the stars inside, then made and cooked apple crumble on the fire. We have also had fun in the woods, we went hunting for sticks that would make perfect wands. The children then whittled the sticks using a peeler and decorated them. Some new trikes arrived this week and the children have loved whizzing up and down on them, even in the rain!
Making Stars
Rocket fun !
Water fun and other stuff !
Apple hunt, then searching for the star in the apple.
Making Crumble
Apple crumble around the fire
Finding just the right stick for a wand
Whittling sticks
Friday fun and trikes