Autumn Term Week Six

Autumn, Conkers and a Bear Hunt! We’ve had a really busy week. The children started off the week by making an autumn dance. They used ribbons to make patterns as they danced and moved like leaves and hedgehogs. We’ve also made a class abacus using conkers. The children have been busy drilling holes, sawing wood cookies and threading conkers. They did a brilliant job. We’ve also been on a Bear Hunt !. The Sheffield bear had decided that he wanted to live in pre-school. He sent a letter to the Wise Owl of pre-school explaining he was lost and needed the children to find him. So off we all went with a map, provided by the Owl. We crawled under hedges , stumbled and tripped over tree roots, fought with a snow storm, sploshed thorough mud and finally tiptoed to our final destination. The children were so happy to find the bear, and helped carry him back to pre-school. They finished the week learning a new oral story, The Autumn blanket.

Mother Earth was sitting in her cosy red room under the roots of the fig tree. Her fingers were busy weaving, in and out, they were weaving an autumn blanket for her children. An autumn blanket to keep them warm when the days grew cold.

After many days of work the weaving was finished and Mother Earth put it down.

She settled into her chair and fell fast asleep.

In the night sky, the stars were twinkling. They saw the autumn blanket, with its pink and brown grasses, its golden corn sheaves, its white woolly clouds and its red tipped leaves, all woven together, in and out, to keep out the cold .A warm blanket indeed,” the stars agreed. “But where are the lights to guide the earth children through the winter nights? Winter will be dark. Let us given them some of our light.”

So they sprinkled light across the blanket.

when she awoke she found beams of starlight woven into her autumn blanket. It sparkled out of berry and seedpod, out of apple and pear.

Mother Earth smiled and rose from her chair. Now the autumn blanket was ready. It had both warmth and light for her children to wear through the cold and through the dark. And so she took the blanket and spread it out over the land.

Autumn Dance
Drilling conkers
Drilling and threading conkers. Painting leaves autumn colours
Leaf printing, colour mixing, making mud cakes and finishing threading conkers
Making Wood Cookies for the Abacus .
We’re going on a Bear Hunt!
Bear Hunt, ‘under the hedge’
Through the grass, across the snow storm and squelching through mud !
We found the Bear ! And we would go on a Bear Hunt again !!