Autumn Term Week Three

The Apple Fairy The children started off the week looking for, and digging up vegetables outside They have also week learnt a new story oral story called ‘The apple fairy’. It’s a story of an apple tree who was sad because she couldn’t reach up and catch a star. The apple fairy visited the tree because she heard her crying and promised to return .When she returned, she touched all of the apple babies in the tree and hide a star inside. And even today, if you know where to look, inside every apple you will find a star. The children have made their own apple fairies, looked inside the apples for stars and printed them. They have also made their own apple babies. They’ve also had a busy week, exploring the wood, and looking for signs of autumn. The children collected lots of leaves, sticks and even managed to find conkers! On a windy day we made kites and flew them in the playground.
Looking for vegetables
Fun inside and out.
Listening to the Apple Fairy story and making their own apple fairies
Apple printing and exploring the woods
Using clay to make their own apple babies. Mark making with autumnal colours .