Autumn Term Week Nine

The children started the week talking about the firework celebrations they had been too and describing the sounds and sights of the fire works they had seen. They enjoyed fire working dancing, using ribbons and creating movements in time with the fire work sounds. They also used used musical instruments to make the sounds of fire works. Later in the week the children listened to the oral telling of the ‘November Story’ . Using props and songs they heard about how two children on a cold November morning went out to collect fire wood for their grandma . They had such an adventure, jumping in puddles, sawing wood and finding hedgehogs. We decided to go out on our own adventure, we walked up to the junior fire pit, collecting leaves along the way and finding fire wood to saw with our bow saw. Once collected and sawn we put it in our truck, in preparation for our own fire.
Fire work dance and sounds.
Making a giant Fire work picture
Sawing the wood and collecting for our fire
Cooking marshmallows on the fire
More marshmallow cooking and decorating leaves.
Fun climbing, discovering wood lice and rolling down the hill.
Making dominoes. Using paint and stampers for the dots.
Mark Making with foam and sticks
Decorating our hedgehog and helping friends.