Autumn Term Week Two

The Enormous Turnip Monday was a wet day but we still had lots of outside and inside fun . We painted puddles and made hand prints using floor. We have learnt a new story this week, The Enormous Turnip. Its a story of a farmer who grew an enormous turnip. It was so big he couldn’t pull it up on his own and had to ask the help of a lot of people and animals. They eventually pulled it up, but only because the tiny mouse agreed to help ! The children acted out the story on our stage and then made the characters using clay. Later in the week we went on a trail in the woods looking for all the characters from the story. They then had a good explore of the space and played hide and seek.
crafts and puddle painting
flour handprints
Fun in the playground making tyre houses and more handprints
The Enormous Turnip
Enormous Turnip
Trail for the turnip characters
Hide and seek
Fun inside and out.
Making ‘themselves’ from sticks and fabric.
Cooking toast on the fire