Bouncing Back

Year 2 has had an incredible Autumn Term 1 delving into our “Bouncing Back” learning journey, centered on the history of the Great Fire of London. Here’s a glimpse of our remarkable learning this year so far:

A Journey into Staying Healthy: Past vs. Present

The term kicked off with an exploration of health and well-being. Year 2 engaged in thought-provoking discussions about the importance of staying healthy and how this vital concept has evolved over time. Drawing parallels with the past, students examined how people coped with health challenges such as the plague. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, our budding historians gained a deeper understanding of the resilience shown by communities throughout history.

History Comes to Life: The History Van Visit

A highlight of the term was the exciting visit from the History Van company. The children were transported back in time as they explored the fascinating details of the Great Fire of London. This immersive experience allowed our students to witness and engage with historical artifacts, bringing the events of 1666 to life in our very own school.

Connecting the Dots: Materials and the Spread of Fire

Building on their newfound knowledge, Year 2 students used their critical thinking skills to explore the properties of materials. By examining why the Great Fire of London spread so rapidly, we connected historical events with scientific principles. This hands-on exploration empowered them to draw conclusions about fire safety and ponder on how this knowledge could be applied to build safer towns today.

Looking Ahead: Applying Knowledge for a Safer Future

As we wrap up Autumn Term 1, Year 2 are not only equipped with a deeper understanding of history but also with practical insights into safety and resilience. The experiences and lessons learned during this term will undoubtedly shape their future perspectives and actions.

We invite you to celebrate the achievements and growth of our Year 2 students during this term. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures as we continue to nurture inquisitive minds and inspire a love for learning.