Design and Technology

Y6 – Computer Aided Design

Year 6 have been designing prototype mountain shelters using Computer Aided Design software TinkerCAD. Designing in 3D allows children to consider a wide range of design aspects and should lead to some well-thought-out projects. Now children will be using their DT skills to bring their projects to life.

Y6 – D.T – Testing the strength of different shapes

In D.T this half term, Year 6 pupils will be constructing a prototype mountain shelter which must be able to resist strong compression forces applied from above (simulating heavy snowfall or an avalanche). To inform the design process, pupils experimented with different shapes, constructing these out of paper and then considering ways to reinforce each […]

Y4 Bread Baking

To finish our ‘Food for Thought’ learning journey, Y4 baked bread! We thought about some of the changes of state taking place in the process – including the reaction of yeast, the mixing of water and flour, and how butter can be made from shaking whipping cream (for a long time). Viki Garbett from twiddlefood […]

Y4 Design & Technology Reindeer

To create our cute reindeer, Y4 had to measure, mark and cut their wood. Then they had to sand down the rough edges. Next we drilled holes for the legs, neck and antlers and stuck on noses and eyes. Finally we plaited scarves to finish off our creations. As the photos show, this required some […]

Y6 – D.T – Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

In D.T this half term, Year 6 have been cooking Jamaica’s national dish: jerk chicken with rice and peas. Children started by looking at the recipe for jerk chicken, sampling the various aromatics which go into the spice blend and crafting their own perfect marinade. With their spice blends chosen, children prepared traditional Jamaican rice […]

FS2 Apple Stew

A warm welcome back to Autumn 2. We kick started outdoor learning this week with some tasty apple stew. We collected the apples from the tree on our school grounds, peeled and chopped them, before stewing them on the camp fire. The children were ready, safe and respectful around the fire and when using the […]

Y6 – Design and Technology – Making Chocolate

In Y6, this half term, we have been learning about the ways in which Aztecs used the beans of the cacao tree to make edible products. We also compared and contrasted the Aztec use of cacao to how the Europeans began to make use of cacao once it was brought back to Europe. Focussing on […]