Summer 2 week 6

This week we have been enjoying the warm weather . We have been learning about the different types of bees and went out on a trail to find pictures of different bees and also found parts to make our own picture of a bee ! Plus we had our own fun on Sports day ! […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 5 Oliver’s Vegetables

This week we have been reading Oliver’s Vegetables. We’ve been exploring the new vegetable gardens and making scarecrows. We also measured ourselves against a sunflower and planted our own sunflower seeds. The children also went on a trail to identify different insects they may find in the soil or feeding on plants and blossom. We’ve […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 4 Up in the garden and down in the dirt

This week we have been reading ‘Up in the garden and down in the dirt’ by Kate Messner. We made edible vegetable gardens by crushing up oreo biscuits for the soil and planting vegetables and making worms out of fondant icing. Yummy! The children have also been using the saw to make wood cookies and […]

Week 3 Mayday Dancing, Spring walks and Nature Crowns.

We’ve had a lovely 3 days at preschool. To celebrate the beginning of May the children enjoyed taking part in a May day dance. We watched children dancing around a maypole and then with ribbons and some Maypole dancing music we did our interpretation. The children listened really well to the instructions and clapping to […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2 Caterpillars and Butterflies

We started the week with a Muslim story about a boy called Bilal who finds a butterfly. The butterfly explains how he used to be a caterpillar and Bilal has lots of questions. The butterfly explains that it is Allah who makes all of life’s wonderful things happen. We’ve been watching our own caterpillars and […]

Pre-School Summer 1 Week 1

Welcome back to the Summer Term and also a big welcome to our new starters. This week we have been enjoying the April story, where the two children meet all sorts of animals during their day, including birds, ducks, frogs and caterpillars. Each animal has a song and the children enjoyed singing and acting out […]

Pre-School Spring 2 Week 6 Easter

This week we have been talking about new life as the meaning of Easter and thinking about some of the symbols of Easter. We heard the Christian story of Easter and made Easter gardens and crosses with flowers on. We’ve been using rollers to make patterns on our Easter eggs and enjoying drawing our families.

Pre-School Spring 2 Week 5 Eggs!

We’ve been reading the book ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’ (very similar idea to we’re going on a bear hunt!). We’ve been on a few egg hunts, told the story using the PE equipment to help and been creating our own beautiful eggs. We’ve been thinking about birds making their nests and the children […]

Pre-School Spring 2 Week 4

In the hall we were practising lots of skills – throwing snowballs through hoops, jumping off apparatus, climbing along ladders and rolling on the mats. We’ve also been exploring insects, drawing and creating amazing train tracks!

Pre-School Spring 2 Week 3

We have been learning about Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. We had great fun throwing powder paints at a sheet and generally getting messy with paints, exploring what happened when we added water to it. We also painted rangoli patterns and danced with streamers. We’ve been learning about 2D shapes. Playing in the snow […]