Poem fit for a king – Town Hall Celebration

Dore Primary entered poems into the Schools Libray Service’s Poem fit for a king competition. And, thanks to the brilliant work of Iris and Hattie, we won! To celebrate, Iris and Hattie chose friends to accompany them on a a trip to Sheffield town hall for a writing and illustrating workshop with author of the […]

Y1 Virtual book event!

Year 1 have been learning about Caryl Hart’s book ‘how to grow a dinosaur’. They were invited to a virtual book event about her new book ‘meet the weather’ They enjoyed reading, singing, drawing and getting a private tour around the illustrators studio!

Reading Challenges 2023

We are starting to get some brillinat responses to our the 2023 Reading Challenges! Please encourage your child to complete as many challenges as possible. Put your initials next to a challenge when they omplete it. Please return the sheets to class teachers by Friday 9th June.  One child per class will have the chance […]

World Book Day at Dore Primary School 2023

This year, World Book Day had a potato theme! Inspired by brilliant Books like Supertato and I am a Poetato the children all created a vegetable version of a character from one of their favourite books. We came together to share our favourites at he end of the day! A big thanks to The Village […]

FS2: World Potato…sorry Book Day

We had a lovely World Book Day 2023 in FS2 today. It started off in the best way, with parents and family members coming in to read with their children and often others too! There was a lovely atmosphere in the base and lots of excellent books being enjoyed. During the morning the children had […]

Y4 World Book Day

Y4 had a great time on World Book Day creating characters from our favourite books. This activity allowed us to have conversations about the characters we recreated, letting the rest of the class pick up some great book recommendations in the process.

Y3 – Science – Climate Change

Some of the last learning Year 3 completed for their Pole to Pole topic was to understand climate change: What it is, How humans are causing it, The effects on the world’s biomes (espeically the polar region), What we can do about it. To do this, we: Used maps to understand what a geographical change […]

Y6 – Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

Year 6 pupils have been taking part in the Royal Society’s annual Young People’s Book Prize. Pupils on the judging panel read and reviewed 6 fantastic new Science-based non-fiction books scoring them for the following categories: interest, look and feel, ease of reading and inspiration. The results are in and the panel’s top-scoring book was […]