Y5 Geography – Map Symbols

  Y5 have continued their Out and About Learning Journey by learning about map symbols, how they are used to mark features on maps and how they can be useful for interpreting maps and for planning or following a route. The children began by looking at different maps and getting to grips with the Ordnance […]

Y4 SpiDOREwick Chronicles

For our first English learning this year, Y4 studied the Spiderwick Chronicles, which tells of 3 children who move to new house and discover a world of strange and fantastic creatures. We had to make some spells so that we could also gain ‘The Sight’, and be able to see into this magical world. Once […]

The Pebble People

This week the children met Mr Owl, a wise old thing who flies among the trees at Dore Primary. He told us a story about his friends, ‘The Pebble People’. The children were challenged to go and find these friends, only when they found them, they had no faces. Luckily the children used their creative […]

Goodbye Mr Rawnsley’s Class

Thank you everyone, I have had such a wonderful time being your teacher. I am so glad to see you all making you way to year 1, where you will have a wonderful time and learn so many new things. Have a wonderful summer and a lovely time next year. I will treasure all of […]

Y3H Scratch Games

Y3H Have been using Scratch to make games. We disussed what is safe to share online. We decided our games would be good to make availale for anyone to try. So here are some to play: They aren’t perfect! How could we de-bug and improve them?

Out and About with Y5

Y5 trekked out into the wilderness this week, on our Spring Walk. This adventurous hike into the wilds was supposed to conclude our “Out and About” learning journey, but our previous date had to be cancelled due to the weather becoming too extreme even for hardy Y5 pupils. The children followed a route around the […]


The children have been historians understanding chronology by ordering Significant British Monarchs.

Battle of Hastings Comes to Y5

Y5 immersed themselves in their new learning journey, “Who Do We Think We Are: The Normans”, last week, when they re-enacted the Battle of Hastings on the school field. The children were split into opposing armies and learnt about the ways the Anglo-Saxon and Norman Armies would have been organised. Members of Y5 assumed key […]