Y5 Writing – Animal Diary Immersion

Y5 have begun their next big write – a series of diary entries from the point of view of an animal travelling around the local area. The children considered how their animal would behave in certain situations and what this behaviour would look like. In pairs, they acted out their animal’s actions while their partners […]

Y4 Portal Stories

Y4 have spent a great deal of care, time and effort creating these amazing stories. First we read about different examples of ‘portal story’, including The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Phantom Tollbooth. We worked out that mostly portal stories start with someone who isn’t happy with their everyday life (just like […]

Y2 – History Van !

Today, the history van paid us a visit and took us back to 1666, to learn all about the Great Fire of London! Mrs Pepys came to talk to us all about how the fire started, reasons it spread so quickly and the impact it had. The children took part in lots of hands on […]

English Silly Sentences

The children have been learning all about nouns and verbs this week, culminating in us creating our own very silly sentences from a bank of nouns and verbs that the children came up with themselves.

Y4 SpiDOREwick Chronicles

Y4 started the year by immersing ourselves into the magical world of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Through our reading, we discovered that it is possible to gain ‘The Sight’, allowing humans to see into the faerie world. This world contains all sorts of creatures, from fairies and pixies to trolls and boggarts. Once we had gained […]

Aztec Myth Writing – Drama Immersion

As part of our Teaching Sequence for Writing, children take part in Immersion activities at the beginning of a unit of work to front-load their knowledge of context and text type. Year 6 have been acting out short pieces of drama where an Aztec is beseeching one of their gods for assistance. We focussed on […]