Year 5

Y5 Geography – Map Symbols

  Y5 have continued their Out and About Learning Journey by learning about map symbols, how they are used to mark features on maps and how they can be useful for interpreting maps and for planning or following a route. The children began by looking at different maps and getting to grips with the Ordnance […]

Whole School – On the Last Day Before Christmas…

… my true love sent to me a fantastic whole-school assembly! Every child (and adult) in school came together in the junior hall to enjoy and join in with performances from the Junior Choir and the Y2 Nativity. This lovely event was completed with a full rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, with each […]

KS2 Citizenship Awards

This week has seen the termly presentation of our ‘Citizenship Awards’. As the name suggests, these are given to children who have been great examples of living the school values of resilience, resourcefulness, creativity and kindness. As you can see from their faces, the recipients are rightly proud of their awards.

Reindeer Run

As part of our commitment to promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, our wonderful Year 6s organised the inaugural Dore Primary School Reindeer Run. Children from across the juniors took part, completing a fun run around the school grounds. The course was well-marshalled by our Year 6s and participants were encouraged to […]

Y5 Music Learning – Glockenspiels

Over the past few weeks, Y5 have had an opportunity to develop their music learning by mastering glockenspiels. They learnt to play the Abba classic “Mamma Mia” and sing along to the lyrics at the same time. They showcased their learning for the whole school at Y5 Celebration Assembly and impressed staff and pupils alike […]

Y5 Shelter Building – Ridge-Line Shelters

Y5 have been developing their outdoor learning skills by building shelters using tarps, staves and rope. They learnt how to tie and lash using clove hitches and shear lashings; creating supported and free-standing shelters. They ensured that their rope-work was very tight, creating a rigid shelter that could keep out the wind and rain. Alongside […]

Y5 Create Model Solar Systems

Y5 learnt about our solar system by creating a model representation of the planets, drawing each one to scale, before measuring out the correct distance from the sun for each planet. They then connected them together with string and fastened them to a tent peg. They sunk the peg into the field and then spread […]

Summer Citizenship Awards

As always at the end of every full term, we celebrated great learning and behavioural attitudes by awarding Citizenship Awards to one child in each year group who epitomises our school values of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Kindness and Creativity on a daily basis. Every time we hadn out these awards it is a such a hard […]

The Wileman Cup Final 2022

Our intra-school football competition culminated with a brilliant final between AFC Kerwin and Furniss Rovers. With the whole school watching on,every child had a great game, doing themselves and their teams proud. Furniss ran out 5-3 winners. This event would not be possible without the fantastic Y6 captains, who help to organise and referee every […]