Coronation Celebrations in FS2

The children in FS2 have had a great day today celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III. We have been taking part in the following activities:

  • Collaging in our floor books.
  • Writing “time capsule” notes about what the children know they will be doing over Coronation weekend.
  • Designing and making their own crowns and finger painted union jacks.
  • Deciding what jewels will make the crown look best on the lighbox.
  • A celebration assembly with the rest of KS1.
  • Watched a video about the Coronation. Many of the children liked watching this and you can find it here:

Many thanks to the efforts all the families have gone to in terms of the red, white and blue theme. It really added to a sense of excitement. We wish all of you a happy Bank Holiday weekend, whether that involves any Coronation celebrations at home or not.