Learning Journeys

Our ‘learning journey’ approach to curriculum planning allows multiple subjects to be taught through one main theme. For example, in the Y4 learning journey ‘Amazonian Adventure’, children find out about the geography of South America; use their scientific understanding of animal classification to choose, research and write about a rainforest creature; use their knowledge of the work of French artist Henri Rousseau to utilise different media to create a rainforest diorama; in outdoor learning create a balm from local, natural products to reflect the multitude of uses of rainforest flora; and debate the issues around deforestation and forest fires.

All school subjects are held in equal value, and wherever possible different subjects are represented as the lead subject for our learning journeys. Some learning journeys take longer thank others due to their content, so some year groups have 5 learning journeys spread over six half terms, others have six over the year.


Below are links to our planning documents used to create our learning journeys.

Learning Journey 1:

Learning Journey 2

Learning Journey 3

Learning Journey 4

Learning Journey 5

Learning Journey 6

Y3 – five learning journey approach

Y3 – five learning journey approach