Design and Technology

Food Technology: Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking is a key element of our curriculum. It is becoming increasingly important that children know the value of a healthy diet, and how to prepare fresh, healthy meals for themselves.  Each year group provides children with several food-related activities in , with the emphasis on children trying new foods and flavours where possible.

Textiles and Product Design

Design and Technology is taught through our creative curriculum. All design and technology tasks involve pupils designing and making a product for a particular person with a specific purpose in mind. Pupils are taught specific skills including cutting, shaping, joining and finishing techniques which they are then able to apply to complete their tasks. They are given the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge and are able to independently select and use a wide variety of materials and components. Pupils are given time to develop their ideas, plan, make, evaluate and refine their own products. Most topics have a D&T element and pupils are able to build and develop their skills  throughout school life.


D&T News:

  • Y3 Science – Forces
    The children have been exploring forces this term and thinking about ways we can see the effects of forces. We linked this learning to our Ancient Egypt topic to think about ways to move pyramid blocks efficiently. They used saws to prepare ‘rollers’ for this purpose too!
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
    To support our learning about the Romans in Britain, Y4 found out about Roman Road making by creating a mini version of the layers used by the Romans to create their famour roads.  In June we will be putting this learning to the test to decide whether a local road could have been made by the Romans. We then learned… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
  • Y4 Flight Investigations – STEM Learning
    As part of our Learning Journey, we used Bear Grylls jumping out of a ‘flying car’ as inspiration to find out more about flight. We started off by thinking about the forces involved: thrust, drag, lift and gravity, and how these are affected by the mass of the object trying to fly. We then investigated flight scientifically, thinking about fair… Read more: Y4 Flight Investigations – STEM Learning
  • Y6 – DT – Shelter Design and Construction
    In our Design and Technology lessons, Year 6 have completed a T.A.S.C project to build strong structures. Children were tasked with building a structure, with a pitched roof, which could bear he maximum load under compression when loaded from above. Children began by using paper to explore which shapes were strong and how they could be further strengthened. Next, children… Read more: Y6 – DT – Shelter Design and Construction
  • Y4 Design and Technology – Sewing Chitons
    To support our understanding of the Ancient Greek world, we learned about why loose-fitting garments like ‘chitons’ would be comfortable in the Greek climate. To create our own chiton (for a teddy), we used some scraps of material to practice running stitch, which we had learned in Y3. We then learned how to do backstitch, and realised this was useful… Read more: Y4 Design and Technology – Sewing Chitons
  • Y3 Sled Designs
    This half term the Year 3s have been the challenged to design and make a sled that will travel smoothly and quickly across the snow for their Inuk friend Aput! After researching existing sled designs and learning all about friction, the classes began by testing the best surface for their sled’s base. They tested out 6 different sloped surfaces covered… Read more: Y3 Sled Designs
  • Y4 Bread Baking
    For the final piece of learning in our ‘Food for Thought’ learning journey, Y4 spent a week studying bread, including where it comes from and how it is made. We started off by finding out about the many types of bread that are found around the world, then discovered how the different parts of a grain of wheat are used… Read more: Y4 Bread Baking
  • Y4 Design and Technology – Reindeer
    To create our cute reindeer, Y4 had to measure, mark and cut their wood. Next we drilled holes for the legs, neck and antlers and stuck on noses and eyes. Finally we plaited scarves to finish off our creations. As the photos show, this required some fantastic teamwork from the whole year group. Our value of resilience was tested, but… Read more: Y4 Design and Technology – Reindeer
  • Y3 DT
    In Y3 we completed a TASC project. We designed, made and evaluated our own Christmas decoration. We designed 3 different idea’s then we chose our best design. After that we evaluated our decoration and thought about what we would improve or do differently next time. The children had so much fun making them and can’t wait to take them home… Read more: Y3 DT
  • Y6 Food Technology – Jerk Chicken
    As part of our ‘Jammin’ in Jamaica’ learning journey, the Year 6 children were tasked with creating a bespoke spice blend to use in our food technology lessons. Using ratios, and working as part of a team, the children blended fourteen different herbs and spices together to create a unique spice-rub. This was applied to chicken (or vegetarian alternative) and… Read more: Y6 Food Technology – Jerk Chicken
  • Y6 Chocolate Bar Design and Technology
    In DT lessons as part of our Aztec Learning Journey, the Year 6 children designed and created their own chocolate bar and packaging. Thinking carefully about the brand name, font, colour and slogan, the product was designed with the consumer in mind and made to appeal to the widest possible audience.
  • Start of our the Y5 Fantastic Voyage
    Y5H Denmark and Y5P Germany have had a brilliant start to the 2023-24 academic year. Our first learning journey I called Fantastic Voyage and this is an accurate description of the children’s adventure in year 5 so far. As part of their Learning journey we have:
  • Y4 End of Year D&T and Outdoor Learning
    To finish off an amazing year in Y4, we managed to squeeze in some activities that we had wanted to do in earlier learning journeys but didn’t manage to fit in. The first was thinking back to our ‘Legendary Legionary’ learning journey, then studying how the Romans developed the use of arches to create stable structures and bridges. We then… Read more: Y4 End of Year D&T and Outdoor Learning
  • Y5 Veg Patch – Harvest Time
    Y5 have been harvesting their produce and using it to create a tasty end of term meal. The children harvested, cleaned, peeled and chopped the variety of vegetables and herbs that we have grown this year and used these to cook a tasty meal of roast veg, couscous, salad leaves and feta cheese. The whole year group enjoyed the delicious… Read more: Y5 Veg Patch – Harvest Time
  • Y2 Old Hay Brook
    In our outdoor learning, the children used junior-hacksaws and square lashing knots to create rafts. We then used our science learning of floating and sinking to test if they would float on the brook. The children all had a wonderful time (although some rafts were damaged in the process!). Thanks to the parents who were able to help on what… Read more: Y2 Old Hay Brook
  • Y5 Veg Patch Project
    Over the past few months, the Y5s have been undertaking the ambitious and challenging task of constructing vegetable beds in order to grow their own produce. We’ve been learning about “farm to fork” and how the fresh produce in our supermarkets is grown. This builds on the children’s Y3 Science learning on plant growth and will enrich and broaden their… Read more: Y5 Veg Patch Project
  • Y5 Castleton Visit
    Y5 had a great trip out to Castleton last week. The children visited Peveril Castle and learnt about the history of the castle and how it was built in the wake of the Norman Conquest (when William the Conqueror came to the throne). The children were able to link this with their learning in relation to 1066 and William’s efforts… Read more: Y5 Castleton Visit
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
    To support our learning in history, design and technology, art and design, PE and outdoor learning, Y4 spent the day imagining and experiencing life as Roman legionaries. They set up camp using our outdoor learning tarps, then created shield designs using classical ideas to represent the type of soldier they were. Next came military practice – marching and shield formations,… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
  • Y4 Roman Road Making
    To support our understanding of Roman technologies, Y4 spent an afternoon learning about how the Romans built layers up to create their famous road system. We found out about the different materials used, then went outside and had a go a creating mini ones of our own.
  • Ancient Egypt Scale model
    To kick off our Leaning Journey, Year 3 worked together to make a scale model of Ancient Egypt. It included: The River Nile Delta Fertile land Red Sea Mediterranean Sea Eastern and Western Deserts So many monuments! It was super lesson using history, geography, art and design skills as well as working together using the TASC system.