Drama News:

  • Year 6 Aztec Immersion
    Our Year 6 pupils have been exploring the Aztec civilisation as we start our first learning journey of the year. Drama, outdoor learning and story-telling have immersed us in this fascinating culture.
  • How to mummify a body!
    There were lots of children that the teachers wanted to mummify so we acted this out!• Taking out the organs• Covering in salt• Adding jewelry• Replacing eyes• Covering in bandages and a shroud• Reading spells• Adding amulets• Taking to the tomb for the funeral After drafting the instructions in our English books, we wrote these … Read more
  • FS2 Jack and the Beanstalk
    We included a bit of drama in our outdoor learning this week! Off we went onto the school grounds where we re-told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Some of the children took on different roles from the story while others were very entertained as the audience. The children thoroughly enjoyed ‘climbing the beanstalk’, … Read more
  • Y5 Writing – Animal Diary Immersion
    Y5 have begun their next big write – a series of diary entries from the point of view of an animal travelling around the local area. The children considered how their animal would behave in certain situations and what this behaviour would look like. In pairs, they acted out their animal’s actions while their partners … Read more
  • FS2, Jack and the Beanstalk
    The children have been incredible actresses and actors in outdoor learning this week. They took on different roles in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Those who acted, spoke with such enjoyment and confidence, and those who watched made a fantastic and enthusiastic audience. After our play, the children all planted their own broad … Read more
  • FS2 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
    Today, the children went on a very exciting bear hunt! We went through some long wavy grass, thick oozy mud, a deep cold river, a deep dark forest, a swirling whirling snowstorm and tip-toed through a narrow gloomy cave…only to find a BEAR! Luckily, the bear was friendly and we asked it lots of questions … Read more
  • Being Detectives and Working Together
    In Science this week the children became detectives and had to use their observational skills to figure out which type of animal we are going to be learning about over the coming weeks. There were lots of clues to investigate – I wonder if any of the children can tell their grown ups which animal … Read more
  • Y2 – English – GFoL Immersion
    Today, the children used their model buildings to renact the Great Fire of London! They thought about how people at the time would have felt and used resources from around the classroom to add to their settings
  • Aztec Myth Writing – Drama Immersion
    As part of our Teaching Sequence for Writing, children take part in Immersion activities at the beginning of a unit of work to front-load their knowledge of context and text type. Year 6 have been acting out short pieces of drama where an Aztec is beseeching one of their gods for assistance. We focussed on … Read more
  • World Book Day 2022
    We have had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day, escpecially how books can reflect our own lives but also show us exciting different cultures. Many of the wonderful new books recently delivered to classrooms, The Book Jungle in Infants and The Magical World of Books in KS2 celebrate the diversity of the world. We … Read more
  • The Book Jungle and The Magical World of Books are OPEN!
    Dore Primary has always had a passion for reading for pleasure; our children enjoy books at school and at home, many being avid readers from an early age.  The two newly refurbished  rooms are the latest way for children to develop their love of reading and books further. A huge collaborative effort has resulted in … Read more
  • Leavers Play 2021: Macbeth
    Year 6 excelled in their final task at Dore Primary School: The Leavers Play. This year, we take on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Our task was made all the more difficult by an impromptu spell of home learning which slashed our rehearsal and filming time. See if you can recognise the famous scenes below. Goodbye Year 6! … Read more