What does writing look like at Dore Primary School?

Whether children are writing to parents to invite them to come and see the school nativity, or writing to entertain fellow peers with a magical and mysterious adventure story, children at Dore Primary School write with a purpose and audience in mind. Children are taught to become accomplished writers through a teaching sequence:

What is the teaching sequence?

1. Immersion – Children are immersed into their new learning, whether this be a school visit, a play or current news headlines, there is always something to ‘hook’ them in

2. Analysis and skills – Children study texts for inspiration, ideas and understanding

3. SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and Vocabulary – Taught in context

4. Plan – Together, children agree and create a success criteria to plan for their writing

5. Write – Children write for a real purpose, having had meaningful build up to get them to this stage

6. Review – Self and peer assessment, adapting and improving writing

What is the impact of the teaching sequence?

  • A collaborative, step by step approach that prepares children to succeed as effective writers
  • All elements of becoming a successful writer covered in a meaningful context
  • Children understand the writing process and gain a deeper understanding of text, audience and purpose for future projects
  • High quality writing produced across school 

What are the writing non-negotiables?

The writing non-negotiables are key features of narrative which are taught in each year group to support children’s written work. At Dore Primary School, children are encouraged to check their writing carefully for these ‘non-negotiables’ before finishing their work. Time given to this self-assessment ensures the ‘basics’ are covered.

Promoting a love of writing

As well as this writing sequence, we promote a love of writing in many other ways:

Grammar Progression Policy

Our Grammar policy has been developed to provide pupils, staff and parents with a shared understanding of how grammar is taught at Dore Primary School. If children are completing writing tasks away from school, this document could improve the quality of their creations.


Writing News:

  • Year 6 Aztec Immersion
    Our Year 6 pupils have been exploring the Aztec civilisation as we start our first learning journey of the year. Drama, outdoor learning and story-telling have immersed us in this fascinating culture.
  • Y1 English
    Year 1 have been learning about the Tiger who came to tea! They even had their own tea party.
  • Y4 English – Writing Immersion
    To support our writing sequence where children wrote a story about the Iceni tribe burning down London, Y4 enhanced their writing by generating vocabulary for their senses whilst experiencing a real open fire. Back in the classroom a carousel of learning and facts allowed children to collect information and generate ideas for what sort of … Read more
  • Poem fit for a king – Town Hall Celebration
    Dore Primary entered poems into the Schools Libray Service’s Poem fit for a king competition. And, thanks to the brilliant work of Iris and Hattie, we won! To celebrate, Iris and Hattie chose friends to accompany them on a a trip to Sheffield town hall for a writing and illustrating workshop with author of the … Read more
  • Y1 Virtual book event!
    Year 1 have been learning about Caryl Hart’s book ‘how to grow a dinosaur’. They were invited to a virtual book event about her new book ‘meet the weather’ They enjoyed reading, singing, drawing and getting a private tour around the illustrators studio!