Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is based on iLanguages, which follows the 2014 Primary MFL National Curriculum. Pupils in KS2 receive weekly French lessons that enable all children to experience learning and using a foreign language in a way that is engaging, inclusive and exciting.

We aim to stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language, develop an interest in learning other languages and broaden their understanding of cultural differences and similarities. Through learning about other cultures, they are given the opportunity to show kindness to others. By promoting an awareness of and respect for our diverse and changing world, we aim for our children to make valuable contributions to the community locally, nationally and globally.   We strive to encourage children’s motivation, resilience and self-esteem by enabling them to experience success in learning a foreign language in an inclusive way.

By progressively enhancing children’s skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, we aim to develop their ability to communicate in a variety of ways for practical purposes. They develop their resourcefulness by learning how to use dictionaries to look up unknown words and how to ask and answer question. Their creativity is developed through role play and writing and learning stories and poems. We aim to cultivate a positive attitude towards, and lay the foundations for future language learning.

Pupils in EYFS and KS1 also have the opportunity to learn a range of languages, depending on the knowledge of the adults in their classroom. This is done through songs, games, PE and stories.

Additional input

We currently offer regular lunchtime language clubs, giving children the opportunity to learn French, Spanish and Italian.

Previously we have had language assistants from Switzerland, France, Germany and Slovenia. They work with small groups, delivering their target language through songs, games and activities. We have also hosted students from overseas, for example Spain, France and Germany. These students come to our school to work with all year groups and to see the similarities and differences between our education systems.


Languages News:

  • Y3 French
    In our French lessons this term we have been learning lots of new vocabulary about animals and colours. Now we have put these together to make sentences describing animals using adjectives. We have learnt that in French the adjectives go after the noun! See if you can translate our sentences…