FS2 Pancake Making MS JHG

We had lots of fun on Tuesday making pancakes. We measured, mixed and stirred our dry ingredients first. Then we mixed our wet ingredients together and, when we were all ready, mixed them together carefully. Then our batter was smooth and ready for us to cook in the pan. Because we added baking powder it started to bubble.

We let our batter mix rest for a few minutes whilst we chopped up the things we wanted for our toppings. Strawberries, banana, blueberries were some of the favourites.

Adding our mixture to the hot pan and watching our pancakes cook was fun! Finally, for those who wanted to, we ate our delicious pancakes. Some people added lemon juice or syrup. Some people had more than one!

A huge thank you to Miss Armitage’s mum Mrs Armitage who came and helped us with our baking.