FS2 The Tomten and the Fox

In outdoor learning this week, the children listened to the story of the Tomten and the Fox – a Scandinavian tale of a hungry fox in search of food in winter. Luckily for him, a kind Tomten (Scandinavian troll) who guards the farm at night was on watch and shared his bowl of warm porridge with him. He agreed to do this every night so long as the fox left the chickens alone. This story generated a discussion all about kindness, building on our learning from last week’s story, The Giving Tree. We then went on a hunt around the school grounds finding clues that the Tomten had left for us. We had to apply our phonics to read them carefully…the clues eventually led us to a bowl full of ingredients for us to make our own porridge. It was especially tasty after such a cold, wet start to the day!