FS2: World Potato…sorry Book Day

We had a lovely World Book Day 2023 in FS2 today. It started off in the best way, with parents and family members coming in to read with their children and often others too! There was a lovely atmosphere in the base and lots of excellent books being enjoyed.

During the morning the children had the opportunity to create a character of their own choosing from a book using…a potato! The children went at this task with gusto and showed off their creativity and their fine motor skills with some fiddly cutting, glueing and colouring!

That’s not all! In the morning Mrs Davison’s class came to read with Miss Armitage’s class and in the afernoon Mr Hanks’ class came to see Mr Smith and Mrs Hope-Gill’s class! The children enjoyed sharing some stories together. Finally at the end of the day the whole school came together for a World Book Day assembly. A busy but enjoyable day with lots of smiles and enjoyment of books – which is what it’s all about. Some photos below of our day. Thank you to all who came this morning and made it such a success.