Goodbye Mr Rawnsley’s Class

Thank you everyone, I have had such a wonderful time being your teacher. I am so glad to see you all making you way to year 1, where you will have a wonderful time and learn so many new things. Have a wonderful summer and a lovely time next year. I will treasure all of the memories I have of our time together.

Mr Rawnsley

To 29 special children, you have been fantastic! I am so pleased I will be seeing your faces again in September! Thank you for the memories, me and Mr Rawnsley have loved every second. Football and snakes and ladders will get me through these six weeks.

Mr Willis

Dear Mr Rawnsley’s Class

Thank you for making my Wednesdays brilliant. Thank you that you always sung heartily, listened brilliantly and enjoyed our music lessons. Thank you for all your smiles and for being fabulous. I wish you all the best in Y1 and hope to still say hello on the playground. Remember if you are ever feeling low put on a lively song, that you love, play it loudly and dance and sing around your kitchens! Lots of love. Mrs Hope-Gill