Health and Wellbeing

What does Health and Wellbeing look like at Dore Primary School?

Wellbeing is a fundamental subject area, taught discretely through a wide range of curriculum subjects and assemblies as well as through stand-alone Health and Wellbeing lessons.

Our key value of kindness in particular intertwines throughout our wellbeing programme of learning. Health and Wellbeing lessons and assemblies also help encourage children to follow our school behaviours of being safe, being respectful and being ready.  We want to help our children to become emotionally intelligent; to develop strong, positive relationships; to be respectful and understanding of all different cultures, religions, genders and life choices, and to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to live successful and happy lives.

Our stand-alone lessons utilize materials from Learn Sheffield in order to cover the statutory RSHE curriculum, but also incorporate learning objectives from the PSHE Association’s programme of study, tailored to our children’s specific needs and experiences. This is under three main themes of learning:

  • health
  • relationships
  • the wider world.

Within this we have enriched our curriculum with an extra focus on social and emotional aspects of learning, healthy relationships, online safety and citizenship. These lessons take many forms and are often provided as circle times, Philosophy4Children sessions, and direct teaching.

What does RSHE look like at Dore Primary School?

At the heart of our wellbeing curriculum we have adopted the Learn Sheffield RSHE materials, which cover the statutory requirements for delivering the new RSHE curriculum (Relationships, Sex and Health Education, 2020). This was adopted following consultation with parents, and we have adapted and tailored our curriculum to reflect the needs of our children and our community.

Further ways that we support the health and wellbeing of our pupils

To support the health education of all our pupils, we have many policies in place to help our children understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes our Healthy Packed Lunch Agreement, which focusses on the children understanding how to make healthy choices.

We take part in National Anti-bullying Week annually and our children take part in an annual wellbeing questionnaire (anonymously) which enables us to tailor our curriculum to their specific needs.

We are part of the Healthy Minds project and our deputy head, Mr Fletcher, is currently a Mental Health Champion.

We also have a Young Leaders Playground Care Team.  Our older pupils are trained as young leaders in the playground offering a supportive role for younger children at play and lunchtimes. They are trained in listening and mediation skills to help children who are feeling lonesome.


Health and Wellbeing News:

  • Y3 Outdoor Learning Day
    Y3 braved the outdoors for our session on rope skills. There were four activities running through out the day: Activity 1: Challenges to tie different knots (reef, overhand, half hitch and timber hitch). Activity 2: Using shear and square lashing to create structures. Activity 3: Create a friendship bracelet using a basic knot. Activity 4:… Read more: Y3 Outdoor Learning Day
  • Yoga
    This week in Y3 we had the opportunity to take part in a calming session of Yoga. This gave the children the chance to have a taster of the session before signing up to the new Yoga afterschool club. The children focussed on their breathing and also did many different poses. We all felt super… Read more: Yoga
  • Year 6 Young Leader Training
    This week, our Year 6 pupils have been working with a member of staff from Forge School Sports Partnership to complete their young leader training. This knowledge was put to good use, supporting the Year 1 children in a number of active and engaging games. Values of patience, empathy, and determination were visible in abundance!… Read more: Year 6 Young Leader Training
  • Y3 Science – food groups
    As scientists, we found out about the five different food groups: carbohydrates, protein, fats and sugars, dairy and fruit and vegetables. We went on a treasure hunt to find lots of different foods and sort them into the correct group. Then we investigated how different foods have different functions on the body. For example, protein… Read more: Y3 Science – food groups
  • Y3 Science – food groups
    As scientists we found out about the 5 different food groups. We went on a treasure hunt and sorted lots of different foods into the correct food group. We discovered that many foods can fit in more than one food group.
  • Y3 Science – Food groups
    As scientists we investigated the five different food groups: carbohydrates, fats and sugars, dairy, protein and fruit and vegetables. We went on a treasure hunt to find different foods and sort them into the correct group. We discovered that some foods can belong to more than one group.
  • Y4 Health and Wellbeing – Friendship Photos
    To start the year, Y4 spent one of our first Health and Wellbeing lessons thinking about friendship, and what makes a great friend. We then went outside and took photos of our friendships in action.
  • New to Year 3!
    Year 3 have a had a fantastic time in our new classes and took advantage of the sunny weather to take part in some team building activities. We had to work as a team to complete the challenges ensuring we listened to each other, cooperated well and were resilient when the task was tricky! The… Read more: New to Year 3!
  • Year 3 Summer Walk
    To celebrate the end of Year 3, we enjoyed a lovely walk together up to Blacka Moor (and back!). The children (and parent helpers) were brilliant enjoying the countryside and being together. We spotted some features of plants we had been leaning about (Mainly sticky seed dispersal techniques!) We also collected rocks for analysis the… Read more: Year 3 Summer Walk
  • Y4 & Y5 Phoenix Kids Triathlon (Brownlee Foundation)
    Our skilled team of 111 (!) Y4 and Y5 children took part in the Sheffield round of the Phoenix Kids Triathlon at Springs Leisure Centre and Springs Academy. The event was a fantastic introduction to triathlons, with children swimming 50m, cycling 800m and running 300m, all without stopping for a break or to change into… Read more: Y4 & Y5 Phoenix Kids Triathlon (Brownlee Foundation)
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two
    After EVERY child had a good night’s sleep, we’ve had another great day of action-packed activity at the Oakes. The photos tell their own story…
  • Year 4 Oakes Residential Day One
    Day One of our residential has so far been a tremendous success. As you can see from the photos below, it has been a non-stop day, with lots of fantastic activities on offer. Lunch and dinner have also gone down very well! As always, the Oakes leaders have been their usual caring, helpful and cheerful… Read more: Year 4 Oakes Residential Day One
  • Y6 Sheffield Schools’ Athletics Heats & Finals
    After taking the whole of Y6 for a morning at King Ecgbert School’s Mercia field, we selected a team of children to represent the school in 80m, 800m, 600m walk, 150m, relays, ball throw and long jump at the 2nd of three heats to qualify children for the city finals. We did really well at… Read more: Y6 Sheffield Schools’ Athletics Heats & Finals
  • Y4 Visit to Burbage Valley
    To support our learning in Geography of maps and settlements, and History about Roman roads and bridge-making, Y4 hiked from Ringinglow along the Houndkirk Road, then down through Burbage Valley across the packhorse bridge and up to Carl Wark and then Higger Tor. Whilst walking, we investigated why some people think that the Houndkirk Road… Read more: Y4 Visit to Burbage Valley
  • ‘Allsorts of Sports Day’ 2023
    Sports Day 2023 followed a very loose theme of ‘Allsorts of Sports’. We had every child, from Reception up to Y6 participating all day across seven zones. We had cricket (R66T Academy from Abbeydale Sports Ground), football (Chesterfield Academy young coaches), dance (Gemini), along with an obstacle course, relay race zone with traditional sports day… Read more: ‘Allsorts of Sports Day’ 2023
  • Y5 Veg Patch Project
    Over the past few months, the Y5s have been undertaking the ambitious and challenging task of constructing vegetable beds in order to grow their own produce. We’ve been learning about “farm to fork” and how the fresh produce in our supermarkets is grown. This builds on the children’s Y3 Science learning on plant growth and… Read more: Y5 Veg Patch Project
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
    To support our learning in history, design and technology, art and design, PE and outdoor learning, Y4 spent the day imagining and experiencing life as Roman legionaries. They set up camp using our outdoor learning tarps, then created shield designs using classical ideas to represent the type of soldier they were. Next came military practice… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
  • Schools Climate Emergency South Yorkshire Conference
    Children from Dore Primary School took part in the 3rd South Yorkshire schools’ climate action conference in March. This important conference was very popular so only six places were available to us. Children were asked to send in their pitch, (either written or by video message) for why they should get a place. Mrs Simpson… Read more: Schools Climate Emergency South Yorkshire Conference
  • Wellbeing Y1
    The children learnt about being safe with medicines and household products.
  • UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award – Gold!
    We are delighted to be able to share with you the news that we have been successfully reaccredited for the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award at Gold level. The children and staff have worked hard to demonstrate how children’s rights are at the heart of everything we do at Dore. Well done everyone! We also… Read more: UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award – Gold!