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  • Pre-School Summer 2 Week 1
    This week we’ve been talking about the seasons and what signs to look out for for Summer. In the hall, we had a go at different balances.
  • Y2 Old Hay Brook
    In our outdoor learning, the children used junior-hacksaws and square lashing knots to create rafts. We then used our science learning of floating and sinking to test if they would float on the brook. The children all had a wonderful […]
  • Summer 1 week 6
    This week we have been enjoying the warm weather . We have been learning about the different types of bees and went out on a trail to find pictures of different bees and also found parts to make our own […]
  • Poem fit for a king – Town Hall Celebration
    Dore Primary entered poems into the Schools Libray Service’s Poem fit for a king competition. And, thanks to the brilliant work of Iris and Hattie, we won! To celebrate, Iris and Hattie chose friends to accompany them on a a […]
  • Y5 Cricket Festival
    Y5 enjoyed a day of cricket last week at Abbeydale Sports Club. All of Y5 got a chance to practise using the site’s top-flight training areas and compete against other local schools in individual games. This allowed the children to […]
  • Y5 Veg Patch Project
    Over the past few months, the Y5s have been undertaking the ambitious and challenging task of constructing vegetable beds in order to grow their own produce. We’ve been learning about “farm to fork” and how the fresh produce in our […]
  • Y5 Castleton Visit
    Y5 had a great trip out to Castleton last week. The children visited Peveril Castle and learnt about the history of the castle and how it was built in the wake of the Norman Conquest (when William the Conqueror came […]
  • Maths Y6 Competition
    4 of our fabulous mathematicians gave up their Sataurday morning to attend a Maths Conundrum at Westbourne School. The children completed against other Y5 and Y6 pupils from across Sheffield. Team work was essential, inaddition to a fluid and deep […]
  • Y1 Outdoor learning
  • Y1 Maths
    Year 1 have been learning how to half and quarter!
  • Ancient Egyptian Landmarks
    Y3 made clay models of Ancient Egyptian landmarks and added them to a map of Egypt plotted on our playground. As a class we then visited Ancient Egypt!
  • Y3 Egyptian mummification writing
    In Y3, we mummified a class mate to help us to write ‘how to mummify a body’ instructions. Come and check out our instructions in the classroom! Hopefully, they are clear and easy to follow.
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 5 Oliver’s Vegetables
    This week we have been reading Oliver’s Vegetables. We’ve been exploring the new vegetable gardens and making scarecrows. We also measured ourselves against a sunflower and planted our own sunflower seeds. The children also went on a trail to identify […]
  • Y6 – SATs Week
    The Year 6 team, as well as all the adults at Dore Primary School, would like to congratulate the Year 6 pupils for the manner in which they conducted themselves during SATs week. Children approached the tests with great maturity […]
  • Y1 Virtual book event!
    Year 1 have been learning about Caryl Hart’s book ‘how to grow a dinosaur’. They were invited to a virtual book event about her new book ‘meet the weather’ They enjoyed reading, singing, drawing and getting a private tour around […]
  • Y2 Science – Changing Materials
    In Y2 we have been learning about materials that float or sink. Today we investigated how changing the shape of plasticine affected its properties!
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C) – Black Lives Matter
    As part of our Ancient Egypt and Mists of Time Learning Journeys we have been think about how humans evovled in Africa and spread around the world. Last lesson, we considered, if in fact we were all Africans? Today we […]
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 4 Up in the garden and down in the dirt
    This week we have been reading ‘Up in the garden and down in the dirt’ by Kate Messner. We made edible vegetable gardens by crushing up oreo biscuits for the soil and planting vegetables and making worms out of fondant […]
  • Week 3 Mayday Dancing, Spring walks and Nature Crowns.
    We’ve had a lovely 3 days at preschool. To celebrate the beginning of May the children enjoyed taking part in a May day dance. We watched children dancing around a maypole and then with ribbons and some Maypole dancing music […]
  • Coronation Celebrations in FS2
    The children in FS2 have had a great day today celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III. We have been taking part in the following activities: Collaging in our floor books. Writing “time capsule” notes about what the children know […]
  • Y1
    Year 1 have enjoyed learning about the King’s Coronation!!
  • Y6 – Art – A Midsummer Night’s Dream Sculptures
    In Art, Year 6 have been creating clay busts of characters from the play we are studying this year: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Children experimented with using wire frames within their clay sculptures to support the structure where required and […]
  • Y1 Outdoor learning
    Year 1 have learnt about the parts of a plant!
  • Young Artist Competition and Exhibition
    A huge well done to all our artists who entered the competition. The chosen artwork with be displayed at the Young Artist Exhibition on Friday 28th April and Saturday 29th April (See details below). Here is a selection of wonderful […]
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 2 Caterpillars and Butterflies
    We started the week with a Muslim story about a boy called Bilal who finds a butterfly. The butterfly explains how he used to be a caterpillar and Bilal has lots of questions. The butterfly explains that it is Allah […]
  • Year 1: History
    Year 1 have been Paleontologist’s learning about Mary Anning and discovering fossils!
  • Y2 – Mini Olympics
    Today we visited the English Institute of Sport and participated in the Mini-Olympics. The children showed excellent sportsmanship and demonstrated their PE skills. (Funding provided by the PE and sport premium.)
  • Pre-School Summer 1 Week 1
    Welcome back to the Summer Term and also a big welcome to our new starters. This week we have been enjoying the April story, where the two children meet all sorts of animals during their day, including birds, ducks, frogs […]
  • Y2 & Y6 Tree Planting
    This afternoon, the Y2s and Y6s worked together to plant trees. We applied knowledge from our science learning about habitats and plants.
  • Y3 French
    In our French lessons this term we have been learning lots of new vocabulary about animals and colours. Now we have put these together to make sentences describing animals using adjectives. We have learnt that in French the adjectives go […]
  • Y6 – English – WW2 Air Raid Writing
    In English this half-term, Year 6 have been learning about World War 2 and have focussed in their writing on the experiences of British families during The Blitz. Children have focussed on writing to entertain using a mixture of action […]
  • Y5/6 Bouldering – Sheffield Championship Finals
    Our Bouldering Team has had a great result at the Sheffield Bouldering Championships, held at the Mini-Climbing Works. The Children had already qualified amongst the top ten schools out of over 700 children who had attempted to reach the finals […]
  • Pre-School Spring 2 Week 6 Easter
    This week we have been talking about new life as the meaning of Easter and thinking about some of the symbols of Easter. We heard the Christian story of Easter and made Easter gardens and crosses with flowers on. We’ve […]
  • Musical Soiree at Dore Primary School
    Our talented musicians and singers had their moment in the spotlight this week at the Dore Primary Musical Soiree. The performers contributed to a wonderful evening of music and song – it was a truly memorable and inspirational experience! We […]
  • Y4 Flying Cars
    As part of our “Y4 Go Wild!” learning journey, Y4 were inspired by the idea of creating ‘flying cars’, like in this picture. In science, we found out how to create electrical circuits, and how to represent these circuits on […]
  • Year 4 Basketball – South Yorkshire Finals
    The champion Year 4 Basketball team went on to the South Yorkshire Finals at Ponds Forge to pit their skills against the best teams from Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. We didn’t get a medal place but played some super […]
  • Cross-Country Relays
    We had 3 teams from Dore run at this event, along with one Y6 girl who competed in team made up of competitiors from more than one school and finished third overall. Every child ran their heart out and gave […]
  • Schools Climate Emergency South Yorkshire Conference
    Children from Dore Primary School took part in the 3rd South Yorkshire schools’ climate action conference in March. This important conference was very popular so only six places were available to us. Children were asked to send in their pitch, […]
  • Reading Challenges 2023
    We are starting to get some brillinat responses to our the 2023 Reading Challenges! Please encourage your child to complete as many challenges as possible. Put your initials next to a challenge when they omplete it. Please return the sheets […]
  • Y1 Maths
    Y1 have been using different units to measure.
  • Art Y1
    Y1 have been learning about Roy Lichtenstein and started their own piece of artwork inspired by pop art!
  • Y4 South Yorkshire School Games Sports Showcase
    15 of our Y4 children had the absolute privilege of representing Sheffield at the very first South Yorkshire School Games Sports Showcase. Held at the English Institute of Sport, along with many other competitions in the first South Yorkshire Finals […]
  • Y3 Squash at Abbeydale
    Y3GD went to Abbeydale Sports centre for our first squash session…we loved it! We paid for these sessions out of our PE and Sport Premium funding.
  • Pre-School Spring 2 Week 5 Eggs!
    We’ve been reading the book ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’ (very similar idea to we’re going on a bear hunt!). We’ve been on a few egg hunts, told the story using the PE equipment to help and been creating […]
  • Pre-School Spring 2 Week 4
    In the hall we were practising lots of skills – throwing snowballs through hoops, jumping off apparatus, climbing along ladders and rolling on the mats. We’ve also been exploring insects, drawing and creating amazing train tracks!
  • Y2 – Testing Materials
    In Y2 we have been working scientifically to test the properties of materials. The knowledge we have developed about these materials will support us with our DT project to create weatherproof buildings.
  • Maths Y1
    The children learnt how to recognise full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty with water.
  • Wellbeing Y1
    The children learnt about being safe with medicines and household products.