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  • Old Hay Brook
    The Y2’s had a lovely walk down to Old Hay Brook as part of their outdoor learning project. The children meticulously created rafts to float down the river and this was a success (via a few entanglements!!) The children represented… Read more: Old Hay Brook
  • Y2 Trip- Mini-Olympics
    All of our fabulous Y2’s had a trip to the EIS to take part in a multi-school Mini-Olympics. All of the teaching staff were blown away by how fantastic our children conducted themselves throughout the morning, both through representation of… Read more: Y2 Trip- Mini-Olympics
  • Y3 Science – Forces
    The children have been exploring forces this term and thinking about ways we can see the effects of forces. We linked this learning to our Ancient Egypt topic to think about ways to move pyramid blocks efficiently. They used saws… Read more: Y3 Science – Forces
  • Y3 PE
    The children have practised throwing and catching skills this term as part of their Cricket skills sessions – they did a fantastic job and worked really well when encouraging their partners
  • Y3 Learning Journey – History and Art
    The children looked at shabtis as a form of Ancient Egyptian primary evidence and thought about what these could have been used for… They then used clay to create their own ‘servant’ for the afterlife, using previous skills such as… Read more: Y3 Learning Journey – History and Art
  • Y3 Maths – fractions
    This term, the children have worked hard to build on their knowledge of fractions. This has included ordering fractions and comparing them using fraction walls – so we decided to make our own fraction walls!
  • Y3 English – Immersion
    We wrote mummification instructions this half term and as part of our immersion, the children researched how to do this using the iPads and made notes on possible tier 2 and 3 vocabulary they could include in their own writing.… Read more: Y3 English – Immersion
  • Y3 English
    To immerse ourselves in our new writing topic – writing an Ancient Egyptian myth – we used drama to act out the myth of Bastet! The children worked well in groups and performed their scenes confidently.
  • Y3 Art and Geography
    In Y3 we practised our sculpting skills, including hatching and using ‘slip’ to recreate Egyptian landmarks. We then placed these along the ‘length’ of the River Nile to appreciate the scale and location of these!
  • Y3 Outdoor Learning day – Woodcraft skills
    We had a fabulous day practising woodcraft skills in our outside area – we used saws to cut logs, loppers to cut branches, knives to whittle sticks and Willow to weave into crowns! The children showed super resilience, particularly when… Read more: Y3 Outdoor Learning day – Woodcraft skills
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two and Day Three
    Another very happy and successful residential has taken place at the fantastic Oakes Centre.  On Day Two lots more active experiences were had, culminating in a campfire sing-a-long to end the evening. As always, the care shown for our children… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two and Day Three
  • Dore Democrats Visit The Lord Mayor
    This week our Dore Democrats were lucky to be invited to see the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Sheffield in the mayor’s office.  Whilst there we had tea and got to ask them some questions about their role.
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
    We’ve had a great day today.  Sunny skies and smiley faces all round!  Children have taken part in every game, challenge and activity with full enthusiasm and determination.  They have rafted, climbed, races cars, crafted, tunnelled, been on the high… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
    To support our learning about the Romans in Britain, Y4 found out about Roman Road making by creating a mini version of the layers used by the Romans to create their famour roads.  In June we will be putting this… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
  • Year 5 Orienteering Competition
    24 fabulous orienteers enjoyed a wonderful afternoon competing against a host of other schools at Birley Academy. We didn’t win in terms of the times. But we definitely won in terms of teamwork and friendship. The children worked in teams of… Read more: Year 5 Orienteering Competition
  • Y3 History Van – Burying the Pharaoh
    We have had the History Van in school to help us find out more about the life and death of Pharaoh Ramses II. Using clues from the discovery of his temple (the Ramesseum) and his tomb we have found out… Read more: Y3 History Van – Burying the Pharaoh
  • Wellbeing- Drama lesson
    This week our Y2’s had a wellbeing lesson on how to resolve conflict following our school rules of being safe and respectful. This had a particular focus on the difference in how it feels when someone listens compared to when… Read more: Wellbeing- Drama lesson
  • Y4 Ninja Warrior visit
    30 of our Y4s were lucky to be part of a test competition using the Ninja Warrior site for school groups. We had a great time bouncing, climbing, swinging and jumping. It was a great afternoon for our mental and… Read more: Y4 Ninja Warrior visit
  • Summer 1
    This week the children have enjoyed looking at tadpoles and our caterpillars. They have been searching for insects and enjoying the spring sunshine. Searching for insects Sandpit and mud play Making a pirate
  • Grace Darling
    Our immersion lesson for the next phase of English work allowed the children to recreate the scene of Grace Darling’s brave rescue mission. It gave the opportunity for our children to utilise the classroom equipment to make and act out… Read more: Grace Darling
  • Y6 Netball Festival
    On Friday 22nd March, the Y6 Netball team played in the Westbourne U11 Netball Festival based at Ponds Forge. The team did extremely well, winning two of their matches and drawing the last. Finishing third overall, their teamwork and determination… Read more: Y6 Netball Festival
  • Tree Planting
    During the last few weeks all the children in school have had several assembly presentations in which we’ve looked at the huge benefits of trees and woodland on our mental health and of course the wider environment. The Y3 and Y1 children… Read more: Tree Planting
  • Y4 Flight Investigations – STEM Learning
    As part of our Learning Journey, we used Bear Grylls jumping out of a ‘flying car’ as inspiration to find out more about flight. We started off by thinking about the forces involved: thrust, drag, lift and gravity, and how… Read more: Y4 Flight Investigations – STEM Learning
  • Spring 2 Measuring
    We went outside to look at the spring flowers. The children used the cubes to measure the daffodils and crocus.
  • Shrove Tuesday
    The children enjoyed making and eating their pancakes.
  • Y6 – Science – Light and Seeing
    In Science this half term, Y6 have been learning about light and seeing. Children have learnt about the physics of how light travels, reflects, refracts and creates shadows of varying sizes as well as the biology of how the human… Read more: Y6 – Science – Light and Seeing
  • Music- Glockenspiel’s
    During our music lessons with Mr Deveney, the children have been able to use a range of instruments including glockenspiels, guitars and ukuleles. They have been extremely engaged with the lessons and we have received really positive feedback from parents… Read more: Music- Glockenspiel’s
  • World Book Day 2024
    Thursday 7th March was World Book Day and DPS celebrated in style! Children really embraced the theme of “Read Your Way!” deciding to dress up or come in comfy clothes. They, of course, brought in and shared a huge range of… Read more: World Book Day 2024
  • Y4 South Yorkshire Games Showcase Event
    We were very fortunate to be invited to bring 15 children to this taster event – one of only 20 primary schools in the whole of South Yorkshire. As you will be able to see from the photos below, we… Read more: Y4 South Yorkshire Games Showcase Event
  • Y3 & Y4 Panathlon
    Y4 entered into the school Panathlon event, taking two teams to Concord Sports Centre to compete against other Sheffield Schools in a range of mutli-skill zones. We not only had a great time, but came second overall and brought home… Read more: Y3 & Y4 Panathlon
  • Year 1 World Book Day
    Year 1 enjoyed reading with Year 4 on World Book Day.
  • Y3 History – The Stone Age
    In History the children have been learning all about The Stone Age. They have learned lots of new facts and we have also researched information that we were unsure about using the IPADS. In this lesson this children used lots… Read more: Y3 History – The Stone Age
  • Y3 Maths – Measuring trees
    In Maths Y3 are looking at Length and perimeter. The children took a metre stick and measured the trees on Kings Croft. The children put the information they had found into a tally chart. We had a great time not… Read more: Y3 Maths – Measuring trees
  • Y3 PE – Gymnastics
    In PE we have been looking at how we can sequence point and patch balances. The children used benches, apparatus and mats to plan a sequence that involved a jump, balance and a roll.
  • Y4 World Book Day
    Y4 had a great World Book Day. Lots of children dressed up using a great deal of creativity. We wrote some beautiful friendship poems inspired by Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho, which you can some examples of below. In the afternoon… Read more: Y4 World Book Day
  • Y6 Netball Tournament
    On Saturday 24th February, the Y6 Netball team played their very first matches at the U11 SFSS Tournament based at the Sheffield Girls High School. To say it was the first time they had all played together as a team,… Read more: Y6 Netball Tournament
  • RE-Year 1
    Year 1 have learnt about the Easter story and made their own palm leaves to celebrate.
  • Y6 – Computing – Scratch Platform Games
    In Computing, Year 6 have been creating platform games using the block-based programming language Scratch. These games challenged children to use operators, variables, broadcasts and control blocks and are an excellent example creativity. Some examples are included below for your… Read more: Y6 – Computing – Scratch Platform Games
  • Y6 – DT – Shelter Design and Construction
    In our Design and Technology lessons, Year 6 have completed a T.A.S.C project to build strong structures. Children were tasked with building a structure, with a pitched roof, which could bear he maximum load under compression when loaded from above.… Read more: Y6 – DT – Shelter Design and Construction
  • Maths- Fractions with salt dough
    Our maths in Y2 has moved onto fractions. Our immersion lesson allowed for our Y2s to create their own pizza’s, bread and cakes using salt dough, integrating fractions to split their creations into halves, quarters and thirds.
  • Y3 History
    Our new learning journey Mists of Time begins with a lesson on all about whether items are biodegradable or non-biodegradable. The children went outside and buried different items and used their predicting skills to predict what the items will look… Read more: Y3 History
  • Y6 Athletics Team
    After successfully winning two rounds of heats, we are very proud of our Y6 Athletics team who finished 4th in the Sheffield City Finals. The team were a credit to the school in how the approached the competition, supporting each… Read more: Y6 Athletics Team
  • Y4 Design and Technology – Sewing Chitons
    To support our understanding of the Ancient Greek world, we learned about why loose-fitting garments like ‘chitons’ would be comfortable in the Greek climate. To create our own chiton (for a teddy), we used some scraps of material to practice… Read more: Y4 Design and Technology – Sewing Chitons
  • Year 5 – Narrative Writing – The Ridge
    Linking with our geographical Learning Journey, Out and About, Year 5 have been writing narratives based on The Ridge. We first focused upon building an atmosphere of apprehension by describing the daunting setting and the characters body-language to represent his… Read more: Year 5 – Narrative Writing – The Ridge
  • Science Book Awards 2024
    Thank you to all the children in Y6 who reviewed one or more of the shortlisted books for this year’s Royal Society Science Book of the Year Award. Our final ratings have been decided and our feedback has been sent… Read more: Science Book Awards 2024
  • Y1 Porridge making!
    Year 1 have finished their TASC project by making a breakfast suitable for astronauts.
  • Y3 Sled Designs
    This half term the Year 3s have been the challenged to design and make a sled that will travel smoothly and quickly across the snow for their Inuk friend Aput! After researching existing sled designs and learning all about friction,… Read more: Y3 Sled Designs
  • Y3 Clay Models – Polar Animals
    Inspired by Inuit sculpture we made models of polar animals out of clay. To make them strong, we needed to form them out of one piece not stick bits together. We also painted a background showing the environment they live… Read more: Y3 Clay Models – Polar Animals