Y3 Science Visitors

This half term we have had two Science students from Sheffield University visit our classes. They taught us about micro-organisms. We learnt that they are all around us. Some are helpful, some are not! We tested how much bacteria was on our hands by pressing on agar plates which the students took to their lab […]

Y1 as detectives!

The children looked at a range of clues to work out what nocturnal creature we will be learning about this term – can your child remember what it was?

The Wish Tree

This week the children have enjoyed the book The Wish Tree. The story is about a boy called Charles wants to find a wish tree. His brother and sister don’t believe there is such a thing, but his trusty companion Boggan is ready to join Charles on a journey to find out. And along the […]

What the Oak tree sees.

The children have enjoyed the book What the Oak Tree Sees. We went on a trail looking for woodland animal foot print and they had to find the corresponding animals hidden in the tree. It was a lovely frosty morning, we could feel winter on our hands and noses. Making hedgehogs from bread . Putting […]

Y3 English

In English we have been learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott. We looked at some of his diary entries whilst he was on his expedition. In this English lesson we did some Drama. In small groups we then put ourselves in Roberts shoes and mimed his emotions and feelings at certain points in his diary. […]

Is there any room for me ?

This week the children have been listening to the oral story of “Is there any room for me ?” One a cold Autumnal morning a woodcutter was out in the woods with his trusted dog. Unknowingly he drops his glove on the forest floor. It then becomes a home for a mouse, frog, hedgehog, squirrel, […]

Y1 Orthoptics visitors!

As part of their science learning about senses, Year 1 have been visited by some University of Sheffield trainee Orthoptists who have taught them lots about the eye and showed them through role play what an eye test would be like if they visited an opticians.

Kites and Sand

We embraced Storm Debi and made kites. They children loved flying the kites and running around in the wind. We have also had a new delivery of sand this week so the children helped transport back to the sand pit in their wheel barrows.

Week 3 Autumn Blanket

We had a surprise in preschool this week, the Owl had left the children a letter . She asked them to follow a trail to the Forest School area. The owl was waiting for them up there in the tree. She had left them a new story about an autumn blanket.

Going on a Bear hunt.

The children went on a bear hunt, through the thick oozy mud, the swirling whirling snowstorm, and the deep dark woods…stumble trip stumble trip. They then had to negotiate more oozy mud and the a deep cold river. The children quietly tip toed to the the bears cave. They had to crawl through the narrow […]