Old Hay Brook

The Y2’s had a lovely walk down to Old Hay Brook as part of their outdoor learning project. The children meticulously created rafts to float down the river and this was a success (via a few entanglements!!) The children represented the school excellently and we are all very proud of their efforts.

Y2 Trip- Mini-Olympics

All of our fabulous Y2’s had a trip to the EIS to take part in a multi-school Mini-Olympics. All of the teaching staff were blown away by how fantastic our children conducted themselves throughout the morning, both through representation of the school in following our rules but also in showcasing their brilliant sporting ability. Several […]

Y3 Science – Forces

The children have been exploring forces this term and thinking about ways we can see the effects of forces. We linked this learning to our Ancient Egypt topic to think about ways to move pyramid blocks efficiently. They used saws to prepare ‘rollers’ for this purpose too!


The children have practised throwing and catching skills this term as part of their Cricket skills sessions – they did a fantastic job and worked really well when encouraging their partners

Y3 Learning Journey – History and Art

The children looked at shabtis as a form of Ancient Egyptian primary evidence and thought about what these could have been used for… They then used clay to create their own ‘servant’ for the afterlife, using previous skills such as hatching and using slip to make joins. Finally the children wrapped up their shabtis in […]

Y3 Maths – fractions

This term, the children have worked hard to build on their knowledge of fractions. This has included ordering fractions and comparing them using fraction walls – so we decided to make our own fraction walls!

Y3 English – Immersion

We wrote mummification instructions this half term and as part of our immersion, the children researched how to do this using the iPads and made notes on possible tier 2 and 3 vocabulary they could include in their own writing. They worked well with their partners to share information. We then followed the instructions we’d […]

Y3 English

To immerse ourselves in our new writing topic – writing an Ancient Egyptian myth – we used drama to act out the myth of Bastet! The children worked well in groups and performed their scenes confidently.

Y3 Outdoor Learning day – Woodcraft skills

We had a fabulous day practising woodcraft skills in our outside area – we used saws to cut logs, loppers to cut branches, knives to whittle sticks and Willow to weave into crowns! The children showed super resilience, particularly when sawing and lopping as it required lots of sustained effort and teamwork. We loved the […]