PE and Sport

For information regarding our spending of the PE and Sport Premium, follow this link: Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium.

Our school is fortunate to have magnificent grounds and 2 good size halls in which to enjoy our PE and sport, which is a strength of the school, both as part of the curriculum and in enrichment opportunities.  The children have many opportunities to learn new physical skills and games and to take part in sports festivals and also competitive sports. The school competes regularly in cross country, athletics in winter and summer, football, cricket, gymnastics, badminton, hockey, basketball, bouldering, dodgeball, swimming and orienteering.

PE Lessons

We have a broad PE curriculum, with an emphasis on developing: motor skills and coordination; teamwork and cooperation; competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. Children are encouraged to develop their health and fitness and gain a life-long love of many forms of physical exercise.  Two hours of curriculum time are dedicated to PE lessons each week across all year groups.  These lessons cover aspects of athletics, dance, gymnastics, team games and outdoor and adventurous activities.  Children also take part in many outdoor and adventurous activities whilst at Dore during enrichment activities, including residentials.


Children in Y4 have swimming lessons booked through Sheffield LA. Each class travels to the pool by coach for their lessons.  The children are grouped according to swimming ability. Dore staff support trained swimming teachers and the children work towards the National Curriculum expectations for swimming and then beyond to develop further swimming skills and water safety practice and understanding. The children have the opportunity to gain the ASA Water Skills Level Award and also at the end of the programme can show their skills in a long distance swim to gain a distance award. Information about the Y6 swimming results can be found in: Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium.

Inter-School Competition

Our children are able to take part in great many different sporting events each year.  Many of these are hosted by the Forge School Games Organisers; some by the Sheffield Federation for School Sports.  Many of these competitions form part of the School Games programme. In recent years we have had tremendous success in many sporting competitions, including becoming: Y5/6 Bouldering team second place in Sheffield and individual first place; Y4 South Yorkshire Quicksticks Hockey Champions; Y4 South Yorkshire Dynamo Cricket Champions; Y5 Open and Girls’ Sheffield Dynamo Cricket Champions; and Y6 Open and Girls’ Yorkshire Dynamo Cricket finalists (and winners) several times.

In total in 2023-23, we took 33 teams to events in thirteen different sports.

The news feed below will give you more information on these.

During their time at Dore Primary, EVERY child is given the opportunity to represent the school in at least one sporting competition, should they wish to.  Almost every child chooses to take up this opportunity. 

In 2022-23, EVERY child in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 went to at least one external school sport event during curriculum time.

Intra-School Competition

The Wileman Cup, named after a legendary former headteacher, is our annual intra-school football competition.  It has been running for well over 30 years.  Boys and Girls from Y4-Y6  are mixed into teams named after local roads, and play two mini-leagues during lunchtimes.  The top two teams from each league then go on to play semi-finals.  The event culminates with a cup final, watched by the whole school.  The event is supported by Y6 Team Captains organising teams and equipment and refereeing the games.

School Sports Day

Our first whole-school Sports Day was In 2012, when we hosted the ‘Dorelympics‘, linking with the London Olympics.  In 2013 the theme was a ‘Steel City Games ‘, coinciding with 100 years of stainless steel in Sheffield.  2014’s theme was ‘Le Dore Depart‘, as the Tour de France was passing through Sheffield.  Summer 2015 saw the ‘Team Dore Games‘, in honour of retiring headteacher Mrs Hopkinson.  In 2016 we held another ‘Dorelympics: Rio 2016‘ , in 2017 the theme was ‘Made in Sheffield’, with zones named after famous Sheffield sportspeople.  2018 saw the ‘Stronger Together ‘ Games, and 2019 celebrated ‘Sheffield:The Outdoor City‘. No whole-school events were possible in 2020 or 2021, but in 2022 we were back and linked Sports Day with the ‘Queen’s Platinum Jubilee‘. The Summer of 2023 ‘s theme was ‘Allsorts of Sports‘.

These days are inclusive, multi-sport events, where children take part in every activity on offer.  Activities normally include, dance, athletics, traditional sprts day races, ball sports, team-building and problem solving.  Children are split into teams, and have coloured t shirts to denote which team they belong to.  Y5 & Y6 children lead many of the activities, and older children are encouraged to help younger members of their team.  We have an opening and closing ceremony, and the sight of 450+ children wearing their team shirts, parading and taking part in sport, all at the same time, is quite a spectacle.

PE and Sports News:

  • Y2 Trip- Mini-Olympics
    All of our fabulous Y2’s had a trip to the EIS to take part in a multi-school Mini-Olympics. All of the teaching staff were blown away by how fantastic our children conducted themselves throughout the morning, both through representation of the school in following our rules but also in showcasing their brilliant sporting ability. Several… Read more: Y2 Trip- Mini-Olympics
  • Y3 PE
    The children have practised throwing and catching skills this term as part of their Cricket skills sessions – they did a fantastic job and worked really well when encouraging their partners
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two and Day Three
    Another very happy and successful residential has taken place at the fantastic Oakes Centre.  On Day Two lots more active experiences were had, culminating in a campfire sing-a-long to end the evening. As always, the care shown for our children by the team at the Oakes has been exemplary, enabling every child to have a… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two and Day Three
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
    We’ve had a great day today.  Sunny skies and smiley faces all round!  Children have taken part in every game, challenge and activity with full enthusiasm and determination.  They have rafted, climbed, races cars, crafted, tunnelled, been on the high ropes and of course been on the legendary tough mudder course. As part of our… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
    To support our learning about the Romans in Britain, Y4 found out about Roman Road making by creating a mini version of the layers used by the Romans to create their famour roads.  In June we will be putting this learning to the test to decide whether a local road could have been made by… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day & Roman Technology Learning
  • Year 5 Orienteering Competition
    24 fabulous orienteers enjoyed a wonderful afternoon competing against a host of other schools at Birley Academy. We didn’t win in terms of the times. But we definitely won in terms of teamwork and friendship. The children worked in teams of 4. They could have any number of runners at a time. Most schools sent one… Read more: Year 5 Orienteering Competition
  • Y4 Ninja Warrior visit
    30 of our Y4s were lucky to be part of a test competition using the Ninja Warrior site for school groups. We had a great time bouncing, climbing, swinging and jumping. It was a great afternoon for our mental and physical wellbeing. Attending this event now means that every Y4 child has had the opportunity… Read more: Y4 Ninja Warrior visit
  • Y6 Netball Festival
    On Friday 22nd March, the Y6 Netball team played in the Westbourne U11 Netball Festival based at Ponds Forge. The team did extremely well, winning two of their matches and drawing the last. Finishing third overall, their teamwork and determination was a delight to see – well done everyone! Thanks again to all of the… Read more: Y6 Netball Festival
  • Y4 South Yorkshire Games Showcase Event
    We were very fortunate to be invited to bring 15 children to this taster event – one of only 20 primary schools in the whole of South Yorkshire. As you will be able to see from the photos below, we had a go at 10 different sports, so it was a pretty full-on day of… Read more: Y4 South Yorkshire Games Showcase Event
  • Y3 & Y4 Panathlon
    Y4 entered into the school Panathlon event, taking two teams to Concord Sports Centre to compete against other Sheffield Schools in a range of mutli-skill zones. We not only had a great time, but came second overall and brought home a lovely trophy. This result then meant we were invited to bring along 8 players… Read more: Y3 & Y4 Panathlon
  • Y3 PE – Gymnastics
    In PE we have been looking at how we can sequence point and patch balances. The children used benches, apparatus and mats to plan a sequence that involved a jump, balance and a roll.
  • Y6 Netball Tournament
    On Saturday 24th February, the Y6 Netball team played their very first matches at the U11 SFSS Tournament based at the Sheffield Girls High School. To say it was the first time they had all played together as a team, they did extremely well, winning many of their seven matches and finishing fourth in their… Read more: Y6 Netball Tournament
  • Y6 Athletics Team
    After successfully winning two rounds of heats, we are very proud of our Y6 Athletics team who finished 4th in the Sheffield City Finals. The team were a credit to the school in how the approached the competition, supporting each other and working well as a group.
  • Y1 Cricket
    Year 1 were given some cricket coaching.
  • PE- Cricket sessions with A Chance to Shine
    The past two Thursdays we have been visited by Sharon from A Chance to Shine who has shown our children the basics of cricket, with emphasis on throwing, catching and batting. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and showcased their fantastic hand-eye coordination, excellent listening and mature sportspersonship. They all followed our three school expectations… Read more: PE- Cricket sessions with A Chance to Shine
  • Y4 Winter Walk
    To end an excellent first term in Y4, we spent our penultimate day before the Christmas holiday undertaking a 10 kilometre walk from school, up to Totley Moss and Blacka Moor, then back to school. As you can see, the views were NOT amazing as the weather was pretty awful. Fortunately, Y4 children (and teachers)… Read more: Y4 Winter Walk
  • Y5 Winter Walk
  • Y3 Winter Walk
    Here is Y3 on our Winter Walk. Before the walk the children made flapjack ready to eat as a snack on the way round. Y3 walked 3.6 miles and were all so resilient and respectful, we even sang some Christmas songs too.
  • Y3 Squash at Abbeydale
    In Y3 we were lucky enough to go down to Abbeydale Sports Centre and take part in some squash lessons. The children really enjoyed taking part and learnt lots of new skills.
  • Santa Dash
    As part of our commitment to promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, our wonderful Year 6s organised the annual Dore Primary School Santa Dash. Children from across the juniors took part, completing a fun course around the school grounds. The course was well-marshalled by our Year 6s and participants were encouraged to… Read more: Santa Dash
  • Y4 UDOIT Dance Festival
    Working with Dance charity UDOIT for the last six weeks has been an absolute pleasure and privilege for our Y4 children. Coached by dance teachers Jack and Sinead, both classes have learned different routines to different mixes of music. Our children have worked so hard to focus on and learn the moves, and their confidence… Read more: Y4 UDOIT Dance Festival
  • Y4 – Hotshots Basketball Competition
    After the whole year goup took part in basketball during PE in Autumn 1, we took a team of 10 to our local School Games competition. Our children gave a great account of themselves, getting better and better in every game they played, and managed to win two and lose two. The teams we lost… Read more: Y4 – Hotshots Basketball Competition
  • Y4 Dodgeball at King Ecgbert School
    Whilst King Ecgbert School children had an INSET day, Kyle Wright – our Forge School Games Organiser – invited us to spend an afternoon using the Sports Hall at KES to play dodgeball. It was a very energetic afternoon, with everyone playing about ten matches each. We had lots of flushed cheeks as we walked… Read more: Y4 Dodgeball at King Ecgbert School
  • Y4 Girls Football
    We took a team of VERY keen footballers to a mini-tournament at St George’s Park, Graves. To say it was the first time they had all played togther as a team, they did extremely well, winning EVERY game and not conceding a single goal! Fantastic work girls!
  • Yoga
    This week in Y3 we had the opportunity to take part in a calming session of Yoga. This gave the children the chance to have a taster of the session before signing up to the new Yoga afterschool club. The children focussed on their breathing and also did many different poses. We all felt super… Read more: Yoga
  • Year 5 Tag Rugby Competition
    On Friday 6th October, Mr Hanks and Mrs Taggart took two Dore teams to compete against 12 other schools in a Tag Rugby Tournament. It was the first time we had attended a rugby event and it was a lot of fun with a great level of competativeness. The Y5P team brilliantly well winning their… Read more: Year 5 Tag Rugby Competition
  • Y3 Science – different joints
    As Scientists, we investigated how our skeleton provides: protection, support and movement. We found out about the different joints: ball and socket, gliding and hinge. We designed a playground game that had to include movement of all 3 joints. We played these games to keep us fit and healthy!
  • Year 6 Young Leader Training
    This week, our Year 6 pupils have been working with a member of staff from Forge School Sports Partnership to complete their young leader training. This knowledge was put to good use, supporting the Year 1 children in a number of active and engaging games. Values of patience, empathy, and determination were visible in abundance!… Read more: Year 6 Young Leader Training
  • Y4, Y5 and Y6 Panathlon Bowling
    We were lucky to be invited to take two teams of children to attend the Panathlon Games Ten-Pin Bowling competition. Our children had a fantastic time at the event, with our Y5 and Y6 team finishing seventh overall (out of 24 teams). The medals we received are lovely! Thanks to the folks at Panathlon and… Read more: Y4, Y5 and Y6 Panathlon Bowling
  • Tag Rugby
    Year 5 have started to play tag rugby. They are actually building on skills they developed in Year 3 and 4. It really shows from the first lessons they were understanding the tricky concepts and putting their teamwork into practice. I antipate a few stars in the next World Cup, or the one after that!
  • Y4 End of Year D&T and Outdoor Learning
    To finish off an amazing year in Y4, we managed to squeeze in some activities that we had wanted to do in earlier learning journeys but didn’t manage to fit in. The first was thinking back to our ‘Legendary Legionary’ learning journey, then studying how the Romans developed the use of arches to create stable… Read more: Y4 End of Year D&T and Outdoor Learning
  • Y5 Veg Patch – Harvest Time
    Y5 have been harvesting their produce and using it to create a tasty end of term meal. The children harvested, cleaned, peeled and chopped the variety of vegetables and herbs that we have grown this year and used these to cook a tasty meal of roast veg, couscous, salad leaves and feta cheese. The whole… Read more: Y5 Veg Patch – Harvest Time
  • The Wileman Cup Final
    After a group stage and semi-finals that lasted from Easter until early July, we had a Wileman Cup Final to remember in the last week of term. Two teams determined to play football the right way passed the ball around, creating a great game for the crowd of over 400. Before the match started, the… Read more: The Wileman Cup Final
  • Y4 & Y6 Westbourne School & Billy Sharp Academy Football
    On what must have been the wettest July day for years, we took six mixed teams of boys and girls to the HSBC ground for a day of football. Despite the weather, we had a great day. In the morning, the Y4s teams played really well against some very strong teams to finish 4th, 5th… Read more: Y4 & Y6 Westbourne School & Billy Sharp Academy Football
  • Y4 Quicksticks Hockey South Yorkshire Finals
    Our Y4 hockey team qualifed to represent Sheffield in the South Yorkshire School Games through a local festival back in May. The event was held at Rotherham Hockey Club, where we competed against 6 other schools from Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham. Our team were fanastic, and managed to win every game they played, which… Read more: Y4 Quicksticks Hockey South Yorkshire Finals
  • Y4 & Y5 Phoenix Kids Triathlon (Brownlee Foundation)
    Our skilled team of 111 (!) Y4 and Y5 children took part in the Sheffield round of the Phoenix Kids Triathlon at Springs Leisure Centre and Springs Academy. The event was a fantastic introduction to triathlons, with children swimming 50m, cycling 800m and running 300m, all without stopping for a break or to change into… Read more: Y4 & Y5 Phoenix Kids Triathlon (Brownlee Foundation)
  • Y6 Open Dynamo Cricket Yorkshire Finals
    After becoming Sheffield champions whilst in Y5, our Y6 Open team represented Sheffield at the Yorkshire Finals, held at Hunslet Nelson crciket ground in the outskirts of Leeds. After a slow start in their first game, the team played extremely well in their other two group matches, winning them both comfortably. Unfortunately, only one team… Read more: Y6 Open Dynamo Cricket Yorkshire Finals
  • Year 4 Oakes Residential Day One
    Day One of our residential has so far been a tremendous success. As you can see from the photos below, it has been a non-stop day, with lots of fantastic activities on offer. Lunch and dinner have also gone down very well! As always, the Oakes leaders have been their usual caring, helpful and cheerful… Read more: Year 4 Oakes Residential Day One
  • Y6 Sheffield Schools’ Athletics Heats & Finals
    After taking the whole of Y6 for a morning at King Ecgbert School’s Mercia field, we selected a team of children to represent the school in 80m, 800m, 600m walk, 150m, relays, ball throw and long jump at the 2nd of three heats to qualify children for the city finals. We did really well at… Read more: Y6 Sheffield Schools’ Athletics Heats & Finals
  • Y4 Dynamo Cricket Competitions
    During May and June, Y4 have been involved in several rounds of the Yorkshire Dynamo Cricket Competition. We started off at Hollinsend in May with two teams, one of whom managed to qualify for the South Yorkshire round of the competition. The other team finished second in their group, which for a team who had… Read more: Y4 Dynamo Cricket Competitions
  • Pre-School Summer 2 Week 3 Billy Goats Gruff
    This week we are exploring the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We started off the week in the hall, making bridges and acting out the different characters. The children listened to the oral story, and made their own goats. Making trolls Water fun
  • Quad Kids Athletics competition
    It was a pleasure to take two teams of 8 children to a new Sheffield event: Quad Kids Athletics. They competed in 4 events: 50m Sprint Standing jump Howler throw 400m run Times and distances were converted to points and added up to a team result. It was incredibly close: 1st 121      Ballifield… Read more: Quad Kids Athletics competition
  • Y4 Visit to Burbage Valley
    To support our learning in Geography of maps and settlements, and History about Roman roads and bridge-making, Y4 hiked from Ringinglow along the Houndkirk Road, then down through Burbage Valley across the packhorse bridge and up to Carl Wark and then Higger Tor. Whilst walking, we investigated why some people think that the Houndkirk Road… Read more: Y4 Visit to Burbage Valley
  • Pre-School Summer 2 Week 1
    This week we’ve been talking about the seasons and what signs to look out for for Summer. In the hall, we had a go at different balances.
  • Sheffield Schools’ Swimming Gala
    On the same evening as our Sports Day, our team of 14 swimmers and our amazing team manager (in the black and white shirt), managed to summon up enough energy to put in some fantastic performances at the annual (returning this year after a covid enforced absence) Sheffield Schools’ Swimming Gala. All events were relay… Read more: Sheffield Schools’ Swimming Gala
  • ‘Allsorts of Sports Day’ 2023
    Sports Day 2023 followed a very loose theme of ‘Allsorts of Sports’. We had every child, from Reception up to Y6 participating all day across seven zones. We had cricket (R66T Academy from Abbeydale Sports Ground), football (Chesterfield Academy young coaches), dance (Gemini), along with an obstacle course, relay race zone with traditional sports day… Read more: ‘Allsorts of Sports Day’ 2023
  • Y5 Cricket Festival
    Y5 enjoyed a day of cricket last week at Abbeydale Sports Club. All of Y5 got a chance to practise using the site’s top-flight training areas and compete against other local schools in individual games. This allowed the children to apply their PE learning from the past half-term and to build on the skills that… Read more: Y5 Cricket Festival
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
    To support our learning in history, design and technology, art and design, PE and outdoor learning, Y4 spent the day imagining and experiencing life as Roman legionaries. They set up camp using our outdoor learning tarps, then created shield designs using classical ideas to represent the type of soldier they were. Next came military practice… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
  • Y4 Quicksticks Hockey Competition
    Our six-member hockey team spent a really fun afternoon at Abbeydale Sports Ground, practising their hockey skills with coaches from Sheffield Hockey Club. Then we played some matches as part of the School Games competitions, led by Kyle and Jo from Forge School Sports Partnership. We had a great time, and as winners of the… Read more: Y4 Quicksticks Hockey Competition
  • Y2 – Mini Olympics
    Today we visited the English Institute of Sport and participated in the Mini-Olympics. The children showed excellent sportsmanship and demonstrated their PE skills. (Funding provided by the PE and sport premium.)
  • U11 Sheffield Schools’ FA Yorkshire Cup Winners
    A huge well done to two of our Y6 boys, who were selected to play for the Sheffield Schools U11 team through being nominated by school for trials last summer. They’ve clearly had a great first season in this team, winning the Yorkshire Cup by beating Barnsley in the final. Something to be very proud… Read more: U11 Sheffield Schools’ FA Yorkshire Cup Winners
  • Y5/6 Bouldering – Sheffield Championship Finals
    Our Bouldering Team has had a great result at the Sheffield Bouldering Championships, held at the Mini-Climbing Works. The Children had already qualified amongst the top ten schools out of over 700 children who had attempted to reach the finals of the competition. The team took second overall in the team event and we had… Read more: Y5/6 Bouldering – Sheffield Championship Finals
  • Year 4 Basketball – South Yorkshire Finals
    The champion Year 4 Basketball team went on to the South Yorkshire Finals at Ponds Forge to pit their skills against the best teams from Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. We didn’t get a medal place but played some super competative games agisnt some challenging teams. As always, the team were a credit to the… Read more: Year 4 Basketball – South Yorkshire Finals
  • Cross-Country Relays
    We had 3 teams from Dore run at this event, along with one Y6 girl who competed in team made up of competitiors from more than one school and finished third overall. Every child ran their heart out and gave their best performance of the season. The weather was awful too! Wet and windy. The… Read more: Cross-Country Relays
  • Y4 South Yorkshire School Games Sports Showcase
    15 of our Y4 children had the absolute privilege of representing Sheffield at the very first South Yorkshire School Games Sports Showcase. Held at the English Institute of Sport, along with many other competitions in the first South Yorkshire Finals event of the year, we were able to take part in 10 ‘less common’ sports.… Read more: Y4 South Yorkshire School Games Sports Showcase
  • Y3 Squash at Abbeydale
    Y3GD went to Abbeydale Sports centre for our first squash session…we loved it! We paid for these sessions out of our PE and Sport Premium funding.
  • Pre-School Spring 2 Week 4
    In the hall we were practising lots of skills – throwing snowballs through hoops, jumping off apparatus, climbing along ladders and rolling on the mats. We’ve also been exploring insects, drawing and creating amazing train tracks!
  • Y6 Girls Football
    Just before the snow came(!), we entered two teams of Y6 girls into a 7-a-side competitions at St George’s Park, Graves. Both teams performed admirably, working well together to play some lovely football and scores some great goals. It was fantastic to see the development during the morning – both in terms of confidence and… Read more: Y6 Girls Football
  • Y6 Netball Tournament
    The Y6 Netball team have taken part in their first tournament at Concord Sports Centre. The Y6’s were playing against schools from across Sheffield. The team made it through to the semi-finals and came third overall. The team were definitely a credit to our school both in terms of their netball ability but also the… Read more: Y6 Netball Tournament
  • Cross Country – The Final Weekend!
    In the final events of the individual and team season (relays still to come) our Y3/4 boys finished 4th team overall just a few points behind Dobcroft ‘B’ team. The Y5/6 boys finished 2nd overall, with one of our athletes getting yet another top 10 finish. Despite not having the members needed for the team… Read more: Cross Country – The Final Weekend!
  • Y5 PE – Volleyball
    Y5 have been learning a new sport this half-term. They have been mastering the techniques and skills needed to play volleyball, including: the dig, the set and then slam! The children really enjoyed this fresh challenge and have ended their learning playing competitive matches against each other. The standard of play was good – considering… Read more: Y5 PE – Volleyball
  • Y5/6 Bouldering Team Qualifying Session
    Our Y5/6 Bouldering Team had their qualifying session today to see if Dore will be able to take a place amongst the elite climbing schools in Sheffield at the Sheffield Bouldering Championships. The children attempted eight routes (problems) that made up the primary qualification course. The standard of climbing was really high with some of… Read more: Y5/6 Bouldering Team Qualifying Session
  • Pre-School Spring 1 Week 5 -10 on the sled
    This week we have read the lovely story of 10 on a sled. The children loved counting all of the animals as they fell off the sled. We went in the hall and made our own sledge and snowy hills to slide down. They enjoyed moving like the different animals and practising their throwing and… Read more: Pre-School Spring 1 Week 5 -10 on the sled
  • Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics
    Having already won their two previous heats in style, the Year 6 athletics team came a very respectable fifth place in the city finals today. The children competed with grace and humility throughout the competition and to place in the top five primary schools in Sheffield is a massive achievement!
  • Y4 Winter Walk
    To end an excellent first term in Y4, we spent our penultimate day before the Christmas holiday undertaking a 10 kilometre walk from school, up to Totley Moss and Blacka Moor, then back to school. As you can see, the views were amazing as the sky was crystal clear, and we kept warm all day… Read more: Y4 Winter Walk
  • Reindeer Run
    As part of our commitment to promoting physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, our wonderful Year 6s organised the inaugural Dore Primary School Reindeer Run. Children from across the juniors took part, completing a fun run around the school grounds. The course was well-marshalled by our Year 6s and participants were encouraged to… Read more: Reindeer Run
  • Year 4 – Hot Shot Basketball Champions!
    A massive congratulations to the Year 4 Basketball team who won the recent Hotshots competition! After a series of competative groups stage games, we got through to the semi-final. And just managed to beat Bradway 4-2. That meant we were inthe final with Athelstan! It ended 4-4 at the end of normal time. So next… Read more: Year 4 – Hot Shot Basketball Champions!
  • Schools Cross-Country – Weeks 2 and 3
    The last two weekends have seen growing numbers of children participating in the cross country events. Again we’ve had some great performances individually, with several children finishing in the first 20 in their respective age groups. The team event is also going very well, with all teams with at least 4 children competing having combined… Read more: Schools Cross-Country – Weeks 2 and 3
  • Being Detectives and Working Together
    In Science this week the children became detectives and had to use their observational skills to figure out which type of animal we are going to be learning about over the coming weeks. There were lots of clues to investigate – I wonder if any of the children can tell their grown ups which animal… Read more: Being Detectives and Working Together
  • The Wileman Cup Final 2022
    Our intra-school football competition culminated with a brilliant final between AFC Kerwin and Furniss Rovers. With the whole school watching on,every child had a great game, doing themselves and their teams proud. Furniss ran out 5-3 winners. This event would not be possible without the fantastic Y6 captains, who help to organise and referee every… Read more: The Wileman Cup Final 2022
  • Y5 Castleton Residential – Wednesday
    Wednesday was walk day. The air was cooler, but the skies were still clear. As you can see from the photos, the views from Mam Tor were amazing. The walk also took in Peveril Castle, as part of our ‘Who Do We Think We Are? The Normans’ learning journey.
  • Y5 Castleton Residential – Tuesday
    On Tuesday morning, while some children went for a stroll and a paddle down Miller’s Dale, others completed the High Ropes challenges and obstacle course on site. In the afternoon some groups went caving, while others did the High Ropes then had a dip in the pond! Tuesday finished off with a toasted marshmallow around… Read more: Y5 Castleton Residential – Tuesday
  • Y5 Castleton Residential – Monday
    Although it has been a hot couple of days (!), Y5 have spent their time in the relative calm, and slightly cooler air of Castleton and the surrounding area. The dorms have been lovely and cool, and activities have been adapted and amended to ensure that everyone has had a good supply of water, whilst… Read more: Y5 Castleton Residential – Monday
  • Cricket – Yorkshire Finals
    It’s been a great week of cricket for Dore Primary School with both the Y6 boys and Y6 girls teams competing in the county finals to be crowned the best cricketing school in all of Yorkshire (and by logical extension, (the best in the country). All the children who took part were a credit to… Read more: Cricket – Yorkshire Finals
  • Colour Smash Run 2022
    To celebrate the 10 year anniveasary of the London Olympics and it’s legacy in the UK, we took 40 Year 3 and 4s to a Colour Smash Run event at the Olympic Park. The Pictures peak for themselves I think: Before After It was a lot of fun., The children really made the most of… Read more: Colour Smash Run 2022
  • Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
    As a culmination of our learning about the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain, we held ‘Legendary Legionary’ day. Dressing and acting as legionaries (Roman soldiers), our ‘cohorts’ of troops rotated around a series of activities to help them prepare to invade Britannia. Children experienced military training – archery and javelin practice, shield designs… Read more: Y4 Legendary Legionary Day
  • Y4 Dynamo Cricketers
    Early in June, we took two teams to the Sheffield Dynamo Cricket competition at Hollinsend. Both teams represented the school fantastically well, batting, bowling and fielding beautifully. One team came second in their group, just losing out to a good Dobcroft team. The other team won their group, meaning they had to play Dobcroft in… Read more: Y4 Dynamo Cricketers
  • Sports Day 2022 – The Platinum Jubilee Games
    To tie in with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, our Sports Day this year was themed around the Queen. Events included tea party relays, corgi racing, street parties, races to the thrones, blindfold Everest climb, and many more. Gemini Dance provided our fantastic closing ceremony dance to ‘Dancing Queen’, which children had learned in one… Read more: Sports Day 2022 – The Platinum Jubilee Games
  • Y4 Girls Football
    As part of thedrive to get more girls playing – and feeling they can play – football, we took twenty girls from Y4 (everyone who expressed an interest) to a football festival at St George’s Park, Graves. The photos below show just how enthusiastic the girls were, and it was lovely to see their skills… Read more: Y4 Girls Football
  • Y1 PE Forward Roles
    The children were really resilient today, practising and improving their forward roles in gymnastics.
  • Year 3 – Squash Lessons
    This half term year 3 have had the opportunity to try out the sport of squash. We were invited down to Abbeydale Squash Centre for taster lessons. It was wonderful to see how the children’s racket skills improved over their three sessions, back in school we have continued developing these too. Hopefully some may return… Read more: Year 3 – Squash Lessons
  • Y5/6 Bouldering Team Take Third in City Championship
    The Dore Primary Bouldering team competed in the Sheffield City Championships last Friday and stormed home to a fantastic third place! This was a personal best for the school and showed the team’s great ability, but also determination and resilience. Special mention should go to Ben Taylor, who won a special award for not giving… Read more: Y5/6 Bouldering Team Take Third in City Championship
  • South Yorkshire School Games Week
    As part of our PE lesson this week Year 2 have been taking place in a number of challenges as part of South Yorkshire Games week.
  • School Games PE Challenges-
    We participated in the South Yorkshire School Games Week!
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Three
    Day Two ended with campfire, with a sing-a-long and hot chocolate. Day Three began with FOUR birthday celebrations, then continued with several games and activities. As I write, children are on their final game, before they have some free time to finish off an amazing three days. Our thanks go to all the staff at… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day Three
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two
    Today has seen more endeavour from our amazing Y4s. As everyone had a great night’s sleep, we’ve seen full participation in all the activities again. Our RE learning today has been about finding out more about what Christians believe Jesus’ life was like. We’ve got campfire coming up soon, so will post the photos from… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day Two
  • Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
    Our first day at the Oakes has been fantastic! The children have, of course been amazing and have given every single challenge and activity their very best efforts. The weather (and the food!) have been kind to us, and as always the Oakes team leaders have been exceptional. As part of our RE learning, children… Read more: Y4 Oakes Residential Day One
  • Y1 – Football!
    The Y1 enjoyed a football skills session this afternoon! They practised dribbling, toe taps and balancing on their balls!
  • Y2 SportsHall Athletics
  • World Book Day 2022
    We have had a fabulous day celebrating World Book Day, escpecially how books can reflect our own lives but also show us exciting different cultures. Many of the wonderful new books recently delivered to classrooms, The Book Jungle in Infants and The Magical World of Books in KS2 celebrate the diversity of the world. We… Read more: World Book Day 2022
  • Y5 Working On Handball Skills
    Y5 have been learning about their new sport of Handball. The children began by learning the rules of this fast-paced sport as well as the basic skills of movement, passing and shooting. They have begun to develop their tactics by thinking about defensive and offensive formations and how to “break” from one to another. With… Read more: Y5 Working On Handball Skills
  • DPS in the News
    The recent opening of The Book Jungle and The Magical World of Books has been featured in the Star newspaper! While I was reading, I spotted that the brillinant Y4 Basketball team winners were there in the paper too!
  • Year 5/6 Bouldering Team Qualify For City Finals
    The Dore Primary Bouldering Team recently competed in a qualifying session for the Sheffield Schools Bouldering Championship, at the Climbing Works in Sheffield. All the children had a great time and showed great determination and enthusiasm in scaling difficult climbing routes. Staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon session and we were fortunate to have… Read more: Year 5/6 Bouldering Team Qualify For City Finals
  • Y4 Winter Walk
    To end a great first term, we had a day hike onto Totley Moss and Blacka Moor. As you can see, we had a lovely day!
  • Y4 Team-Building
    Nathan and Jo from Forge School Sports Partnership came into school to work with lots of year groups and help develop our Y6 Young Leaders. The session the Y6s delivered for our Y4s was, as you can see, very successful!
  • Y4 Hotshots Basketball 2021
    It was great to be playing competative sport again, and the Y4 Hotshots Basketball team really went for it! We won every game in our group then went on to win the final. This was the South Sheffield round, so now we await details of the whole city finals! The team played brilliantly well together… Read more: Y4 Hotshots Basketball 2021
  • Y6 Summer Athletics Competition
    Congratulations to all the Y6 athletes who represented the school magnificently at the summer inter-school athletics event. Our fine athletes competed across a range of track and field disciplines and rewarded with a slew of bronze, silver and golds!