Pre-School Autumn 1 Week 6 – Squirrel Nutkin

This week we have continues our Squirrel Nutkin story and exploring all things to do with Autumn. We re-told the story- the children are becoming more familiar with the songs now and a firm favourite is ‘Roly poly ever so slowly, roly poly ever so fast’! We have been discussing squirrels and the colour of their coats, which has led to colour mixing paints and using different coloured leaves in a collage. We also went on a bear hunt, and found a very big bear. We have been planting bulbs and drilling conkers in preparation for making an abacus.

We’ve had lots of fun outdoors, playing ‘feed the squirrel’, balancing, playing on the bikes and making traffic lights.

We’ve been exploring different sounds and enjoyed making filling cups with rice and pasta and making shakers.

Bear Hunt . We used the map left by squirrel nutkins, and managed to negotiate the long grass, the deep dark forest, the swirly snow storm and the soft oozy mud. At the end in the dark cave we found A BEAR !!

Drilling holes in conkers and planting daffodil bulbs.

Collecting leaves and making food for the bear.