Pre-School Spring 1 Week 5 -10 on the sled

This week we have read the lovely story of 10 on a sled. The children loved counting all of the animals as they fell off the sled. We went in the hall and made our own sledge and snowy hills to slide down. They enjoyed moving like the different animals and practising their throwing and rolling skills in a snowball fight! Later on in the week the children used their imagination to make patterns with 2D shapes, and used what they knew to make their creations in the craft area.

The children have also been having fun painting, building, creating, doing puzzles and making dens.

We used the TASC wheel to ‘Gather’ what we already knew about sledges, ‘Generate’ ideas about how we could make a sledge, ‘Implement ‘ was when we built the sledges. The children chose to use sticks, lollipop sticks, boxes and crates outside. Finally we evaluated our sledges in ‘Communicate’. We also had a P4C discussion on which animal we would like to be in the sledge and why. Lots of children chose their favourite animal because they liked the colour.

Making patterns with shapes

Making Sledges, cooking, lifting heavy sand and playing in dens.

Fun inside, using our imagination and making things in the craft area.

Mark making, reading and playing in the small world area with the woodland animals.